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The Art of Weaving in Andhra Pradesh

Written By Mahanth Achhpaliya

Andhra Pradesh is a state located on the southeastern coast of India with a rich heritage of art and craft. Among the many traditional crafts, weaving holds an eye-catching position. The art of weaving in Andhra Pradesh briefly fills this article.

The Tapestry of Tradition

Weaving in Andhra Pradesh has a long and prestigious history. The craft has been passed down through generations, with techniques and designs preserved and refined over time. The weaves of Andhra Pradesh are known for their distinctive designs, intricate patterns and skilful use of colours, creating visually outstanding textiles.

The Famous Weave Styles

Mangalgiri weaves – Mangalagiri, a town in Guntur district, is known for its exquisite handloom textiles. The Managalagiri weaves feature Zari (metallic thread) borders and various designs inspired by nature, mythology and temple art.

Venkatagiri weaves – The town of Nellore district is famous for its fine cotton sarees and dress materials. Venkatagiri weaves are known for their soft texture, light weight and complex designs like peacocks, flowers and geometric designs.

Pochampally Ikat – Pochampally, a village near Andhra Pradesh border, is known for its spectacular Ikat weaves. Pochampally Ikat involves a unique tie and dye technique where the yarn is dyed before weaving, resulting in stunning geometric patterns and vibrant colour combinations. The Pochampally sarees and fabrics are highly sought after patterns and vibrant colour combinations. The Pochampally sarees and fabrics are highly sought after for their elegance and craftmanship.

The Fabric

Andhra Pradesh is the second largest silk producing state in India next to Karnataka. Silk sarees and fabrics produced here are famous throughout the country. It is also a part of cotton basket of India, which also includes Gujarat, Maharashtra and Telangana. These states contribute two-thirds of the country’s cotton. Cotton is produced in Kurnool, Guntur, Anantapur, Krishna and Prakasam districts.

Featured Image Courtesy – Outlook India


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