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The Beauty of Nature

Written By Utkarsh Singh Patel (Grade 8)

Creativity has been a quality that people have indulged in through the ages, with nature being a free resource. Like the complicated structures of the spider web to the great up and down from the hills to the mountain range, nature has numerous blessed surprises that bring out the feelings of wonder in the heart. I wonder when people are going to pause from their busy lives and hear such things as the murmur of the leaves and feel how the wind wants to embrace you!

The Symphony of Seasons

It may sound ironic, but yes, it is true that there is beauty in its simplicity during winter, spring, summer, and autumn. This may be because spring offers new blossoms and warm weather, which can be associated with reborn and inexperienced. It is a period within the Earth’s cycle that comes after the rigours of winter and where everything comes alive; flowers bloom, the foliage is lush and there is a certain freshness in the air. Sometimes it appears as life in its most raw and vibrant form, it can turn us into builders and promote positive changes.

Summer it is with its hot temperatures, clear blue skies and green lush environment. It is beautiful and filled with fresh life, a time of the year when nature offers a plentiful harvest. Sights such as waves rolling on the beach or fields’ swaying in front of the wind, sound such as roaring of a sea and feeling such as the skin glow in the sun have a free connotation. Musicians and singers are not left behind either; summer has been considered by many as rich source of inspiration for a creative soul.

The autumn, is more colourful, with its warm golden and red tones and fresh air brings feeling of gratitude and appreciation. In conclusion, nature keeps on inspiring artists by showing that it is okay to let things go and embrace the cycle of life, as evident from the falling leaves. It is the time to get the best from what people sow during the year and get ready for the cold, reflective months of the year. For creativity, autumn perhaps offers the best because of its calm and religious feeling that promotes inspirational thinking.

It is at this time that one is presented with not a warm embrace, but a beautiful white canvas that allows one to be creative in its own way. It’s a time when families bond; there is downtime and people can relax. Due to frosted and empty décor of the winter, people focus on the spiritual side of the world and try to discover something special in it.

 The Majesty of Mountains

Mountains are perhaps the most enduring monuments of the planet, they are majestic and convey the idea of eternity. They represent force, resilience and the striving for the higher goal. This message is a story of climbing a mountain, the idea is about climbing physically and in general can involve understanding about perseverance, moving past the hurdles and the adventures in gaining new heights. 

The prospect that is seen when one stands on a mountain top with hills on every side can help in taking a broader perspective as to how small our worries and their magnitude are in comparison to the great universe and its wonders. The feeling of this huge incredible nature around a human being can make an individual open-minded and creative, imagine the world and go forward to success.

The Ocean’s Embrace

Seashore and the vastness of the sea with the waves ebbing and flowing is a muse; some may call it the ultimate muse. It symbolizes the mystery or deep dimension as well as the unknown. The loud noise of the sea, the view of the sunset on the water, the ground beneath our feet – all this is capable to bring the sensation of harmony and unity with something infinite.

Fluctuations in the ocean symbolize the meaning of endless possibilities that are present in everyone’s life. They show us lessons of both the highs and lows of life, that one must learn when to be a giver and when to be a taker, or that it is good to go with the current and that life is ever changing. As for the dream chasers, their fantastic idea will have constant supply of energy and peacefulness of the water element.

The Harmony of Forests

Trees and branches to any of them give the effects of light and shadow, they have a feel of a serene ambience of the forest. Taking a walk in the forest where one can inhale the fresh earthen smell and hear the birds chirping and leaves not forgetting the gentle breeze blowing can affirm and remind one of nature’s existence.

Thus, the relations between different aspects of a living environment within a forest where every plant and animal have their roles can be seen as an interconnection between various aspects of life. Denial of forests can explain the principles of community, cooperation, and the ability of the forest forming a society to work despite the adversities.


This topic proves that the concept of nature in its broadest form is a rich source in the creation of art. Whether it’s the snow of winter, the beauty of the mountains, depth of the sea, the quietness of the forest, the nature always has a way of inspiring the imagination, giving comfort as well as a view of the world. In a busy world we often forget to take time and be close to nature and that is why, I think, nature inspires people. Therefore, it’s time to open the doors and go through them, take a nice deep breath of fresh air and let the beauty of the world around us rekindle our passions.

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