Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Bigger Threat

Written By Milee Jain (Grade 8)

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, shook everyone to their core. Online school, lockdown and empty streets are now the new normal. Battling against this detrimental virus, I thought that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, but everyday humanity keeps proving me wrong.

Scrolling through the world’s recent happenings, I come across various eye gorging articles every day.

No, not the usual jumps in the COVID 19 cases, something even bigger. After everyone was cooped up at home, things took a major turn.

It all started on May 25, 2020 – at the brick of the murder of George Floyd. The great “black lives matter” movement succeeded this outrageous act. But was it worth it?

Only for many more ruthless deeds to be followed like shooting seven bullets in the back of a black man, in the presence of his 3 horrified children.

Not only black lives, but animals have suffered at great costs during this time. From crushing an innocent puppy with your foot to pranking pregnant elephants, shooting whales and dolphins all just for your own greed?

At this point I would question the mere existence of humanity. These savage feelings like greed, selfishness, distrust, enmity and rage, cloud our decent minds and replace them with barbaric thoughts.

Why is something called “inhumane” when humans are the ones who are the most malevolent?

Hasn’t humanity posed a bigger threat rather than the deadly virus we are tackling now?

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Milee Jain
Milee Jain
I’m Milee Jain and I’m 13 years old. Few of my interests include reading, writing and exploring the outer space. I also play the piano and I’m fond of art. Be sure to check out my articles and essays. Also visit my blog here!


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