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The Candyland

Written By Rhea Sheth (Grade 4)

Once upon a time in India, lived a girl called Radha. She was very fond of chocolates and candies. One day, while she was going out with her mother, she saw a candy shop. Radha asked her mother to buy her some candy. Her mother agreed. As Radha stepped inside the shop, she saw a large white candy with red stripes. She touched it and suddenly found herself rolling down a brightly lit tunnel, as if by magic.

The tunnel ended and she was now falling through the open blue sky, which had clouds of marshmallows — yum! She landed into a world of chocolates and candies. She called for help and saw a girl wearing a candy necklace and marshmallow earrings walk up to her.

Radha realised she had entered her favourite game of Candy Crush! Radha asked her for help, and the girl agreed. She said that Radha could only get out once she swiped other candies and made her way to the bottom. Without another word, Radha started to swipe candies. She was scared stiff, falling as candies vanished. Meanwhile, the game started a stream of comments – “Sweet” said the game one more time, “Delicious” as well.

About an hour later, Radha was finally free and thanked the girl. The girl asked Radha if she would like a tour of the candy world. Radha agreed. She found gummy bears along the way, the trees were lollipops, and the grass was straight strands of fondant. The houses were made of gingerbread and covered with sprinkles. There were chocolate rivers with marshmallows floating. Everything looked colourful, bright and yummy.

“This is truly an adventure,” thought Radha. Radha remembered her mother was in the shop. She said goodbye to her new friend. Her friend offered her a bright green candy, which brought Radha back into the shop. She selected a bagful of candies and got them home.

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This story was part of the top 6 articles from 300 entries in a competition held by momsay.co.in.

Rhea Sheth
Rhea Sheth
My name is Rhea and I am 10 years old. I love going to the cinema, and reading mystery and fantasy books. I am also learning to play the piano. I don’t like keeping short hair.


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  1. Wow it’s a lovely story nd imagination ….. Keep it up my dear Rhea…. Always been blessed with lots of love…


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