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The Carbon Company

Written By Deepak Yadav (Grade 10, Angel Xpress Foundation)

Today is 7th May 2063, we people had established so many industries in the past that nothing except carbon is left. Today there are many wars happening just for natural oxygen. The people who could afford to go went to Mars and settled there. The ones who couldn’t are still surviving in the carbon company. The government is providing artificial oxygen but the oxygen being provided by them is equal to nothing. 

After the 2049 Nuclear Explosion millions of people lost their lives. The children who were in the womb, were born with several disabilities. This incident has not only taken away lives but also affected the DNA of the individuals which has led to disorders for generations and generations. Due to carelessness of the company, many people suffered and some are still suffering. 

The rivers have become boiling toxins, which has destroyed the marine ecosystem. The potable water has become worse than poison. The rich fertile land has become fully dry with a lot of cracks in it. The water cycle has been fully disturbed and today we get showers of harmful acids. Even if one drop of those showers falls on our skin it burns our skin and makes that part inactive. The population of the world in the olden times was more than 7 billion but after the disaster it has reduced to millions. 

I wish we would have reduced our use of fossil fuels and stopped the factories from letting go of their toxic waste in rivers. Today because of all these wastes and toxins, our planet has become The Carbon Company.

Due to all the harmful effects on the environment by us humans, the name of our planet has been changed from ‘Earth’ to ‘The Carbon Company’. Those green fields, white mountains and crystal-clear water have turned into black and just black. Those days we had made air pollution uncontrollable and today we can see the result. Today water is sold at a higher rate than the rates of gold, diamonds, or any other precious stones. Animal life has just become imaginary, except for their skeletons nothing is left.

Back to 2020, if today we raise our voice and say NO to pollution then we don’t have to live in The Carbon Company. Those miserable scenes which nobody has even dreamt of might become true if we don’t control the pollution and if we don’t put limitations for factories and industries which are polluting the environment. Even if we develop the most advanced technologies, it’s of no use because there will be no environment to live in. The urbanization and natural processes both should be equally balanced. We have got this Earth on LEASE for our future generations and not as an ANCESTAL PROPERTY from our ancestors. Whatever we do today, we must see the result tomorrow. If we plant more trees and keep the environment clean and pure then tomorrow, we and our future generations will have a good environment to live in.

”The Future Depends On What We Do Today” – Mahatma Gandhi

Featured Image Courtesy – Permaculture Research Institute

Deepak Yadav
Deepak Yadav
Deepak Yadav, a student in grade 10. He enjoys writing about science fiction, short stories as well as current events. He likes listening to music and has an interest in performing arts too.


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