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The Caring Tree

Written By Shivansh Bhatnagar

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Rahul who had a special bond with a tree. Rahul loved playing with the tree, talking to it, and resting under its comforting shade whenever he was tired.

As time passed, Rahul grew up and stopped visiting the tree as often. The tree, however, waited patiently for his return.

One day, after several weeks, Rahul came back, looking despondent. The tree gently asked, “What happened, Rahul? Why are you so sad?”

Rahul sighed and replied, “I can’t decide what job I should do.”

The tree, eager to help, suggested, “Why don’t you take my fruits and sell them in the market?”

Rahul took the fruits and sold them, and the people loved the fruits so much that Rahul soon owned a fruit shop. He even hired a few workers to help pluck the juicy fruits from the tree.

The tree waited again for Rahul to return. After a few years, Rahul came back and said, “I need a house for my wife and kids, but I don’t have enough money to buy one.”

The tree, always ready to assist, said, “You can take my branches to build your house.”

Rahul was delighted and used the branches to build a cozy home for his family.

A year later, Rahul returned once more and said, “I need a boat to travel, but I don’t have money because I have invested my earnings in my business.”

The tree replied without hesitation, “You can take my trunk to make a boat.”

Years went by, and one day, an old man approached the tree. It was Rahul. With a heavy heart, he said, “I’m sorry, tree. I’ve taken everything from you.”

The tree, full of love, responded, “Don’t say sorry, my friend. I did what a best friend would do.”

Rahul and the tree were happy. Rahul visited the tree regularly, but a concern weighed on his mind.

He worried about what future generations would do, knowing that many people cut down trees for their own benefit. This dilemma troubled him deeply.

Sensing Rahul’s tension, the tree gently asked, “What is bothering you, my friend?”

Rahul shared his concerns, explaining the problem in detail. The tree listened attentively and then offered wise counsel. “You should plant more saplings,” the tree suggested. “Encourage your neighbours and family members to do the same. By doing this, we can ensure that Mother Earth continues to thrive and greenery will flourish around the world.”

Rahul felt a sense of relief and joy after hearing the tree’s advice. Inspired, he eagerly set out to make this vision a reality.

Moral: True friends are always there for each other, no matter what.

Featured Image Courtesy – Science News Explores


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