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The Colours of a Cadence 

Written by Christine Verma (Grade 8)

Mellisa Mcraken, an artist unheard of to countless ears but to the minds that sought after the lotus found in the mud, she could not have been out of sight for long. Applying shades to sounds she forges towards to thrive in the hearts of those who read her name on the corner of her captivating art work. By embracing what some would refer to as a disability, she has paved the way for more than 4% of the world’s population. She has indeed proven the words said by Nelson Mandela: ”It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

She has one of the most distinctive syndromes imaginable “synesthesias.”. Her brain, among great minds, is cross-wired. However, this can never be considered her weakness, as she has used it as a weapon against all challenges. When others hear music, they hear beautiful symphonies of notes made of thousands of perfectly placed beats that go hand in hand with the flawless rhythm. Mellisa experiences something way more spectacular. Along with hearing this harmonic masterpiece, she, on the other hand, can envision what most of the world’s population can only dream of envisioning.

She stated in her interview that she had started portraying the mixture of the splashes of numerous colors seen by her with every note she hears is because she wanted people to understand her abilities. One of the best paintings, in my opinion, is a painting depicting the song of six-time Grammy winner, the talented Stevie Ray Vaughan, called “Lenny.” Whenever I see this particular painting, the bold use of color Mellisa has used with every brush stroke sparks an unexplainable sense of empowerment in mine and countless other people’s hearts. It is inspiring beyond reasoning. To hundreds of aesthetes this work of art is one of the finest the industry has ever witnessed.   

I am proud of her art and the power a simple canvas holds when splashed with color, as it explains concepts that cannot be understood in words. I am proud of the beauty of music that lets individuals unleash their talent, creativity, thoughts, and feelings to a tune when it seems as if words cannot catch the depth of it. Mellisa Mcracken’s art is destined for the spotlight, and her name is the name of an upcoming celebrity. I am sure there are news headlines just waiting to give a testimony of her inspirational masterpiece.

Featured Image Courtesy – Pinterest


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