Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Essence of Water

Written By Anwesha Pandey (Grade 8)

Water, has long been a source of inspiration for humanity. Its presence is both a necessity for life and a symbol of selflessness. As I think about water, I find myself drawn to its fluidity, its ability to inspire movement. It showcases a sense of freedom and movement that goes on. Water moves so effortlessly yet is powerful enough to cut through stones that comes it’s path. This balance of grace and power is something I find inspiring. It teaches me to move freely through life, understanding change and flowing with the events rather than resisting them.

Water’s is very similar to human behavior or either we are too much similar to it. Just as water takes the shape of its container, we often adapt to our surroundings and the people we interact with. In different environments, we change ourselves just to fit in other people’s standards of attitude, behaviour and body language. This at times proves to be difficult but with times we learn to understand changes. Like water, we have the capacity to be resilient but our innerself remains unchanged.

One of the most beautiful aspects of water is its selflessness. It sacrifices itself to fulfil human needs, becoming steam to provide warmth, ice to preserve food, and a liquid to quench thirst and other necessary needs. I aspire to inculcate this selflessness, caring for others before myself and spreading positively to the world around me. In striving to be like water, I hope to live with constant growth, kindness, and deep connections to the world and those around me.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Spruce Eats


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