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The Geographical Diversity

Written By Sanvi Sharma (Grade 6)

India is a wonderful country with a glorious history, magnificent cultures, delicious cuisines, illustrious heritage, and many other attractions. Most Importantly, India is packed with so many geographical features! From harsh deserts to freezing highlands, India has it all. Oh, where shall I start? 

The balmy and serene beaches in Goa, where you can relax on the sand all you want. Ahh! However, we must not forget, the longest beach in India is the Marina Beach in Chennai! Of course, we have the scorching Thar Desert in the state of Rajasthan, where you can enjoy camel rides. 

Then we have the marvellous, breathtaking, and awesome Himalayas! They are the highest mountains in the whole world! Now that is something to be proud of. They say that yetis live in the Himalayas, but who knows? 

The tea gardens in Darjeeling are so full of lush green slopes. The wondrous Sundarbans have exotic Bengal tigers that roam about freely in their huge mangrove forests! Kerala has so many backwaters, which is like a long labyrinth with crystal blue lagoons swirling. 

The North Indian waterfalls, with clear, cool, bubbling, foaming water pouring down the cliffs. It sounds so beautiful and calm! The torrential rain in Meghalaya is very fascinating. It holds a record for being the wettest place in the world…Wow!

I simply love my country, India. Not only for its diversity but also for its amazing people, animals, history, food, everything! I am proud to be an Indian.

Featured Image Courtesy – Quora


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