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The Good and the Bad

Written By Riddhima Gurnani (Grade 6)

All dark coloured people are not bad just like how most of the white people are not bad! Society makes a big mistake by differentiating between good and bad by the colours of the people, it is the hearts that determine whether you are good or bad. If you were in search of a life partner then you should see, feel and try to understand what the person’s condition is and whether they have a good HEART. Selfish has two meanings: one is that you are thinking about yourself and thinking about others, I like to call it the good selfish or the good-hearted beings; second is that you are ONLY thinking about yourself and about your benefit, which I call the bad selfish or the bad-hearted being. Now through the previous statement, you must have realized that being selfish is not bad just don’t overdo it. 

Good hearts are common just like bad hearts, but beautiful hearts are just extraordinary! Beautiful hearts are down-to-earth, selfless and moreover, they have beautiful personalities. If you asked me to give a name of a person who has a beautiful heart my answer will be Mother Teresa. She was accused of being corrupt and a hypocrite, but she didn’t stop, she made her path through the rough times! Whatever you do just remember that beautiful hearts can be disguised into bad ones to test you. By reading this don’t think that I am asking you to have a beautiful heart because having one can be very hard and, on the way, you might have to give up on many things and be criticized like Mother Teresa was. Being bad is easy, being good is a task but being truthful and selfless is the hardest.

If you read this article and say that ‘I will have a brilliant heart! I will have a perfect heart!’, let me tell you, nobody has a perfect or brilliant heart, everybody is unique in their own ways. Don’t change just to be one in a million, be you, be yourself! If you do so you will have a beautiful heart and make it a common thing in the world, you will make a difference! Look at your parents, they have used everything in their power to keep that lovely smile of yours, they are selfless! I wouldn’t call parents truthful as they do keep secrets, secrets to protect us children but I suppose that’s how life works, right?

As I said earlier life is full of choices but why don’t we add our own options. If life tells us to choose this or that don’t be disheartened, make your own option as neither exactly like Mother Teresa did when everybody was accusing her, life gave her two choices- give up hope or fight! She knew, if she fought, the doubt that people had of her being a fraud would have become a belief and if she chose to give up hope, the people who needed her would have lost their lives and so she chose to ignore the people. We all should take her as an idol and be the happiest the most truthful version of ourselves! 

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Riddhima Gurnani
Riddhima Gurnani
Hi! My name is Riddhhima and I love to draft poems of all kinds. I have two dogs. I am an animal lover. My mother is a teacher, and my father works in an IT company. My brother is 4 years older than me and studies at the same school.


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