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The Inspirational Impact of Manga Art

Written By M C Yashaswini (Grade 10)

Manga art is a powerful and influential form of visual storytelling that captivates audiences worldwide. It has originated from the country of the rising sun – Japan. In Japan all ages whether old or young read manga of different genres – action, adventure, comedy, detective, drama, horror, mystery, sci-fi, sports and many more.

Since the 1950s, comic books have become an important part of Japan’s advertising industry. Due to the rapid increase in digital comic book sales and the increase in comic book sales in 2020, the Japanese comic book market value reached a new record of 612.6 billion yen. In 2022, the value of the Japanese comic book market reached a new record, reaching 675.9 billion yen.

The word “Manga” comes from the Japanese word consisting of two Chinese characters (man) and (ga), meaning “odd or improvised”. It means “image”. In Japanese, “manga” refers to various comics, graphic novels, and animations. Among English speakers, “manga” has a stricter meaning than “Japanese comic”, which has the same usage as “anime” in Japan and abroad. The term “anime-manga” is used to describe comics created with anime characters.

Manga art is unique and notable for its distinct style of expression. Unlike Western comics, manga art uses a variety of artistic techniques to convey emotions through various expressions. Manga art has been derived from cats – its facial expressions and the shape of its facial features give a new look to the anime characters brought up by the manga artists.

Most comics are published in black and white, but some colour comics are also available. In Japan, comics are often serialised in major manga magazines and often feature many stories, each presented as a chapter and continuing into the next issue. A comic book story is almost always longer than the issue of a Western comic. Articles are often reprinted in tank volumes, but often not in reverse. Comic book artists (“mangaka” in Japan) often work in small studios with few assistants and collaborate with creative editors of trade publishing companies. If a comic book series is popular enough, it may be revived later or during its run. Sometimes comics are based on earlier live shows or animated films.

Notably, what separates manga art from others is its focus on developing characters and showing their emotions. Manga artists are extraordinarily good at expressing a variety of feelings and individualities of their characters.

Furthermore, themes such as friendship, love, social justice, personal growth and identity – typical of modern society – have been explored in this form of art. A range of genres and storylines embraced by manga capture the human condition offering readers glimpses of different cultures, perspectives, or worldviews.

Besides being an excellent piece of artwork, manga has also had significant impacts on popular culture and international arts. The advent of manga conventions and fanbases has led to global recognition for manga artists who have become idols for new creators around the world through which they can express themselves artistically as well as tell stories; it is through media like TV shows or comics that often bear striking resemblance to manga in terms of style and content. Manga also impacted other kinds of media (e.g., cartoons) including animation, film production houses or literary works.

In conclusion, Manga art involves an ongoing narrative form that captivates viewers with its vibrant characters living within its creatively imagined worlds with unique plots. The wide acclaim it enjoys throughout the globe attests to its creative power expressed in Japanese origins by diverse country’s cultures through imaginative portrayals in various artistic expressions such as comics or animations. Finally, these characteristics make manga a truly dynamic visual storytelling genre inspiring the audience with thought-provoking narratives about dream-like worlds filled with expressive personalities. This ability ties together all other aspects involved with promoting positive cultural interactions between different societies across the globe, particularly by emphasising more similarities than differences among them.

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