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The Journey of J.K Rowling

Written by Amaira Khan (Grade 6)

Art is a very creative way to express your inner capabilities, talents and features. Art is all around us from the largest building in the world- Burj Khalifa to a small hole in a ground. Here is a fact we should know everyone has an inner artist within them, waiting to jump out and make its own existence in the world, all a person has to do is to open the door of his imagination and unleash the artist within you. People like Tarla Dalal, J K Rowling and many more have done it and made their names immortal in the world.

You must be knowing the name Harry Potter unless you live under a rock so let me tell you about it. Harry Potter is the world’s best fictional children’s novel. Oh this is the art that inspired me motivated me and impressed me the most. Then you should know about J.K. Rowling the author , she is the woman who made this art of all arts, Harry Potter.

J.K. Rowling’s life was full of disturbance poverty and difficulties. But this lady wasn’t born to quit. She kept on writing and improving and she faced difficulties when she completed the book. She went to almost 12 publishers all of whom rejected her. She didn’t quit and at last in a small publishing house her book was published with only thousand copies. Things weren’t the same after that, her book was famous, and was beloved by most of the readers of the world.

When I first read the story, I was so interested that I felt I was a character of the book. Oh page after page, my interest gained with the suspense, bursting and the climax thrilling. I felt engaged. After I read the book. Some thoughts occupied me. “I’m going to write my own story just like MS. Rowling” Oh these words echoed in my mind and guess what – I started writing my own story “Oliver a Spacewalk”.
J.K. Rowling‘s life taught us many lessons. She taught us not to quit, to rise up when you fall, to accept failure and always hope for the best. I give a special thanks to those artist who along with their arts, inspired me and millions of more writers to keep writing and improving. Thank you Ms. Rowling for your struggles and give us a motivation to do an innovative things in our life.

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