Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Lockdown Life

Written By Suhaani Bajpai (Grade 11)

What are these times?
Lost, though not travelling,
Things going wrong,
And the year we are blaming.

Haven’t deaths occured earlier,
Haven’t animals been killed,
Then why is this year,
Being sowed in guilt.

Road to peace,
For now, seems arduous,
But times will improve,
Hope is what stimulates us.

Never before has life been so real,
Never before has it pressurised us,
Fear and confusion prevails,
Life seems very unjust.

Time teaches how to live,
This period has taught too,
In memory of foresaken times,
We wish to return to.

Past was considered unfortunate,
But now we know what actually is,
Taught us to admire every moment,
Downcast, merry and even this.

It’s you who has to endure,
Every little moment of life,
So make sure you live,
And not just survive.

Featured Image Courtesy – DNA India