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The Magical Art of Music

Written By Kartikeya Mehd (Grade 6)

Music is the art that inspires me the most. What I think about music is that it is a beauty produced by just some elegant sounds and patterns. Those sounds and patterns are created by some instruments, followed by a tone, a beat and most important, rhythm.

Not just that, but vocals stringed with the rhythm and the “Do Re Mee Fa So La Ti Do” tones. These vocals have a bit of poetry in them that makes them express their feelings in an elegant way. This forms an art which we call music.

With a vast number of instruments, they can create the sound they like. Like violins, guitars, drums, etc. It is when a group of instruments are making sounds in a certain way the masterpiece of music travels to our eager ears.

There are different types of music. Some of the examples are rock, which are divided into hard rock and soft rock. They are tuning to express danger to me by giving the tune an extreme tone. Then there is country music, which sings melodies about sailing, travelling, places. There is Bollywood too which is tuned to sound dramatic and catchy. They are usually in movies and tells a story of what happens during the movie, or just adding to a celebration to a movie.

Mongolian throat singing is a completely different art in music. It is a skill that enables you to sing with 2 voices at a time.

Everybody has different perspective on music. What goes through my mind when I hear music is the beats, singer’s voice, and the tunes. There are songs so catchy, that naturally the beats swirl through your brain and makes your head nod up and down a little bit. You close your eyes and feel the catchy tunes take rounds around your brain, as you marvel the singer’s voice. At times you remember those tunes energising every cell in your brain, and start singing it yourself. It is a very pleasant thing that is created by different beats, tones, notes, instruments and pitches. It is the only chemical that is formed with nothing but sounds mixing up in a specific way. It is a safe chemical. From simple sounds which go in an order to brilliant catchy tunes the artists make by simply doing some tasks in a specific time, and manner.

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