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The Mystery of Danny and Johan

Written By Anish Zatakia (Grade 4)

In this world of ego, hatred and envy, there was a town full of happiness and kindness.  It was called Chinlintong. This was a small town in England. People in Chinlintong had the same kind of work. Their work was to make an orange, sphere-shaped sweet dish which was called a ‘laddu’.

Not far away in Oranwicked lived a scary, ugly, wicked wizard King.  He was on a journey to conquer all towns, cities and countries which were famous for their food. Until now, he had conquered exactly 99 towns of England and was heading towards Chinlintong to conquer it. He had a special power in which he could ‘shapeshift’.  So he turned himself into a trader selling mangoes.  He positioned himself in Mybazar (an outdoor market in Chinlintong).  He set up a stall selling a juice called Macriode.

It was a concoction of the Temacri plant juice, the labavode plant juice and the Chidlamberd plant juice.  This drink which was made of rare plants (which were only found in Oranwicked) could make a person unconscious.  It could also develop in the drinker a fear against the person who sold this drink. 

He then made posters of his stall and stuck copies all over the town. The posters mentioned that he had come to the town with a special juice and if people drank this juice, all of their worries would vanish. It also stated that whoever did not drink this juice would face misfortune. This last sentence scared all the innocent people of Chinlintong and so they all decided to go to the trader and try the juice. The village head heard about this and immediately called for a meeting of the town people. They discussed the situation of the trader and his juice. There was a great debate amongst the people. Some thought they would benefit from the juice and were keen to try it. After a few hours, they decided that everyone will go to the trader’s stall on Wednesday at five p.m.  Among the people, there was a smart lad, called Danny, who lived all by himself. He had no family, just one friend, Johan. 

He did not believe that misfortune could befall anyone if they did not have the juice.  Since he had no family, he realized that he had nothing to lose.  So he decided to just pretend to drink the trader’s juice.  Wednesday arrived and Danny went to the trader’s stall at five o clock sharp.  

Most of the townspeople were at the stall and already drinking ‘Macriode’. Danny took a glass and pretended to drink the juice. But he actually threw it into a pot. He then hid behind a tree in the market. At around half-past five, everybody became unconscious and Danny realized the motive of the trader (the wizard).  

He immediately contacted his friend, Johan, who was a scientist and explained the situation to him.  Johan asked him to come immediately to his lab.  Danny rushed there.  They researched and found out that they could break the wizard’s spell with a special plant called the Clintarsaw plant but that was no longer available. It used to be found many years ago.

Johan used to make very nice, useful and interesting inventions.  Johan started to rummage his invention drawer.  There he found a time machine. They decided to go back to the past and get it.  They packed a few things which could help them in their journey to find the Clintarsaw berry plant.

After the packing was done, they sat in the time machine and set the year to one hundred BC, the destination was set to Clintarsaw valley and the time machine started to spin faster than a tornado.  After a minute they reached the Clintarsaw valley in 100BC. The door of the time machine opened to a beautiful valley.  Danny wondered why he had not seen something as beautiful in the present. After a few hours of searching, they found the perfect Clintarsaw berry.  They broke it and headed back to the time machine. As they were moving back, a very weird kind of animal spat a firebolt from its mouth onto the time machine.  This damaged the time machine. Johan examined it and realized that it would take time for him to fix it.  Johan began working on the machine. Danny decided to take a walk while Johan was busy.  While he was wandering through the valley he came across a town where a wizard was torturing the townspeople. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him to Johan. There he explained to Johan whatever he saw, in detail. 

Then they thought for a while and decided that they should help the people and try and kill this wizard and destroy his spell. They already had the Clintarsaw berry.  So they made a paste of the clintarsaw berry and mixed it in the soil and lakes.  So all plants would absorb it.  The men and animals who feed on these plants and water would be wizard spell free. The wizard’s spell was broken shortly.  All the townspeople thanked Johan and Danny. 

They recognized one of these people as Johan’s great-grandfather, Jackie, who was a scientist himself.  He understood that they had come from the future (present) and were having some trouble to go back in the future (present). So he decided to help them. He invited them over and gave them some tools to repair the time machine. Soon the time machine was repaired and they boys were able to come back to the present.

When they reached back home they saw that everything was fine in Chinlintong and they realized that the wizard they had killed in the past must have been the great-grandfather of this wizard. Since they had killed the great grandfather, the great grandson was never born.  

Everyone in the town of Chinlintong was happy and life was great again. 

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Anish Zatakia
Anish Zatakia
I am Anish Kunal Zatakia. I study in Jamnabai Narsee School in the 4th grade.


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