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The Power of Poetry

Written By Riyaarth Saraogi (Grade 5)

I believe poetry is the best way to express one’s thoughts. Poetry is a form of art that can have thoughts or meanings portrayed through beautifully arranged words that often rhyme.

Poetry is one of the oldest types of art in India. The stories of the Ramayana and Mahabharata were first expressed as poems. These were written by Rishi Valmiki and Ved Vyas in Sanskrit.  Since its inception, poetry has been used not only to express thoughts and beauty but in various other ways. Dohas, written by Kabir Das and Rahim Das, are full of valuable life lessons. One way of expressing poetry that impresses me the most is how they were used as code languages by kings and their allies in olden times. Like the lines:

                                               “Char baas chaubis gaj, angul asht praman

                                                Ta upar sultan hai, mat chuke Chauhan”

The poet Chandbardai helps King Prithviraj Chauhan understand the exact position of his enemy. He precisely tells him that his enemy is placed on a platform of four poles that stands at a height of 24 ‘gaj’ (24 yards). With the help of these words, just an arrow was enough for Chauhan to conquer Muhammad Ghori. The poems by Mirabai invoke a deep sense of spiritualism. Poems written by Ram Dhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ and Rabindranath Tagore inspired thousands of youths during the Indian freedom struggle. Though I have read only a few pieces created by these great poets, their names and stories are enough to inspire me.

I like poems because I find it amusing to rhyme words and put them into proper sentences. My favourite poems are limericks. They are five-lined humorous poems that do not need to make any sense at all. This makes it all the funnier. Limericks are often written with a rude undertone, but I use the funny lines to entertain my friends, and we all have a hearty laugh over a situation. Sometimes I feel sad about not being able to express my feelings in the form of Hindi poems. I wish to learn this during my upcoming vacations.

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Riyaarth Saraogi
Riyaarth Saraogi
I am an enthusiastic child fond of listening, reading and writing stories. I have a keen interest in art and craft. I am thankful to my teachers for giving me ideas and enhancing my writing skills.


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