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The River Ganga

Written By Aditi Bajpai (Grade 8)

Nature is full of inspiring things! From majestic mountains to peaceful lakes, colourful sunsets, and vibrant forests, there’s so much beauty and wonder in the natural world. Each element of nature has its unique way of inspiring us, whether it’s the forest or the power of a roaring waterfall.

The river that inspired me is the Ganga, considered sacred in Indian culture. My encounter with it was a transformative experience that left a permanent mark on my life. The Ganga is more than just a river; it’s a symbol of spiritual growth, purification, and renewal. Every time when I think about the Ganga River. I am reminded of its role in Indian culture and trade. The ganga river holds a special place in my heart because the way it flows gracefully carrying stories has always captivated me. As I walked along the riverbank, I saw devotees performing rituals, children playing in the shallow waters, and boats gliding effortlessly.

Watching the sunrise over the river, I felt a deep connection to nature and the universe. The gentle lapping of the waves against the shore created a soothing melody, calming my mind and awakening my spirit. The Ganges taught me valuable lessons about strength , adaptability, and the power of constant flow. It showed me that life’s journey is ever-changing, and beautiful, just like the river’s winding path.

The river inspires me to be happy in any situation but when I look near the river bank, I was shocked to see a pile of garbage even the adjacent area was littered with rubbish and garbage. All the time on my way back to my house. I was thinking about this only. I thought that the river water which is used for drinking and keeps us alive, is polluted to such an extent. It’s been a week since and I am not able to take the polluted river bank from my mind. I asked a few friends and we decided to take action. It was decided that we will run a program for cleaning the river and its surrounding on the coming weekend. We posted the article on social media and to our surprise a total of 50 people volunteered for this great cause. We even contacted an NGO to help us guide and assist the volunteer to take part in the initiative. As environmental chemistry is a little hard to comprehend by the people who are not aware of the topic.

Cleaning a water body is a difficult task in hand but an essential one indeed. Biological organisms living in the rivers are victims of the water pollution caused by us humans making their habitat toxic and harmful.

On the day of the ganga river cleaning program, my friends and the all the volunteered gathered at the spot early morning and began the task in hand. While cleaning we observe the several items at the site including food, piece of ornaments, cans, plastic bag etc. These items were scattered all over the place, with some of them floating away while the others were held by the site of the river in the shallow ends.

However, the experience was memorable and worth the efforts because I had a revelation about the need to create more awareness against the environmental pollution, the community placed a major role in environmental pollution because of the inappropriate disposal practices and their continuous use of non-recyclable materials.

Therefore, creating awareness is one of the changes we made to encouraged more individual to adhere to environmental conservation practices for better result. Moreover, it is essential to engage government authorities in cleaning up waste in the environment since they can provide the resources to make the process easier.

My experience by the Ganga River inspired me to embrace life’s challenges with courage and grace, to appreciate the beauty in every moment, and to cultivate a sense of connection with the world around me. The river’s majesty and spiritual significance continue to inspire me to live a life of purpose, compassion, and harmony with nature.

Now, its our responsibility that we should not pollute a holy river like Ganga which is worshiped by people.

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