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The Second War Between the Titans and the Gods

Written By Vivaan Gupta (Grade 4)

Hello and welcome to the final article of Greek Mythology. Last article we discussed the glimpse in the life of Percy Jackson. Today we will discuss the part which you were all waiting for – The second war between the Titans and the Gods. 

This started when all the titans started to reform. First, Percy had met the titan Atlas and now he had seen the last remains of Kronos. Kronos was forming rapidly with the help of a demigod named Luke Castellan, and then Kronos started to awaken the ancient monsters and the titans. Kronos had a huge battalion if you even combine the gods and the demigods of all the world, you still could not match Kronos’s army because of 2 reasons-

1 – The titans were more powerful than the gods – simply because Kronos could control time. 

2 – Kronos had his battalion of demigods lead by Luke. These demigods took the side of Kronos because they felt unclaimed and also that their parents had no thrones on Mount Olympus. For example- Ethan Nakamura- Son of Nemesis- Goddess of Revenge had no throne at Olympus because they considered her as a minor god. That’s why all minor gods, such as Hecate, Janus etc. took side for Kronos 


There were about only 40 demigods stationed at Manhattan to protect Mount Olympus. They were against a huge army. The gods weren’t there because they were fighting a huge monster known as Typhon. Typhon was a bigger threat than the titan army because the first time Typhon fought against the gods, the gods were greatly weekend by his strength. The only god Typhon could not resist was Poseidon and with the help of Poseidon, all the gods could win against the gigantic monster. But Poseidon had a battle of his own with Oceanus (The Titan of the Sea) and thus could not provide any help. 

Back in Manhattan, the invasion had started by Morpheus (Another Minor God). Morpheus had put every civilian in Manhattan asleep except for the demigods. Annabeth (a friend of Percy Jackson) had a bronze shield that had a video cam and they used the shield to find the enemy from where they were attacking. When they found them, they were shocked as you find yourself a ransom note of getting 10,000 gold bars. They saw them attacking from the tunnels and bridges in Manhattan. Quickly, Percy assigned each team into a separate tunnel of the bridge. For example- The children of the god Hephaestus were stationed at the Holland Tunnel while the fifty-ninth street bridge was assigned to the Athena Cabin, like this the 40 demigods were going to hold Manhattan. Percy and Annabeth alone protected the rivers. They did this as Percy was the son of Poseidon so he convinced the river gods to drown the boats of the enemy by giving them a sand dollar. So, the formation is done and the battle had started. The demigods kept on getting reinforcements like centaurs and got Hades who had not been fighting Typhon. Eventually, Kronos reached Mount Olympus and was destroying everything when Luke stabbed himself in the arm to kill Kronos as Kronos was controlled by Luke’s body. Even the gods defeated Typhon with the help of Poseidon. Poseidon’s palace had been smashed by Oceanus but even he went back in the depts of the ocean when he knew Kronos was defeated. But in the story, there is a twist. You may be all thinking that the hero is Percy but the actual hero was Luke even if he was a villain and supported Kronos but he was the one who defeated the king of the Titans.

So that’s it for the story. There are 2 more series after this for continuation. Which I am not going to tell you about. The 2 series are the Heroes of Olympus and the Trials of Apollo. If you want to continue reading then read the Heroes of Olympus first then the Trials of Apollo. So bye everyone, keep reading my articles and now its is Vivaan Gupta zooming out.

Based on the books by Rick Riordan

Featured Image Courtesy – Goodreads

Vivaan Gupta
Vivaan Gupta
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