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The Silent Killer – Depression

Written By Krishnav Jhunjhunwala (Grade 7)

“Mental illness is so much more complicated than any pill that any mortal could invent.” – Elizabeth Wintzel

According to some people, The term ‘mental illness’ is madness and the mind is weak. Mental illness is not to be ignored at any cost, mental fitness is as important as physical and emotional fitness. If it would have been any physical illness, one would take many medications to cover or finish the course but for mental illness, one merely ignores and thinks it will get cured overtime.

Why is it that everyone avoids taking care of their mental health or even asking for help? It is for the simple reason, that mental illness is associated with madness, if a person goes to seek help because of their mental health, the person is mad and their mind is very weak.

I want to address depression as a very dangerous mental illness because it is the most common and dangerous mental illness one could experience; people of every age can experience depression. During the pandemic, many people from a young age to old age experienced depression. From a very young age, people got depression and they never knew they were depressed until after a certain amount of time, their anxiety would increase and their mental health would weaken. A person can experience depression because of their family history or some illness or even because of their personality. It is very difficult to understand if one has depression unless they seek help. Severe panic attacks, anxiety and feeling very worthless and useless are some very common symptoms of depression. Depression can easily be cured by setting “short term goals” like giving oneself small tasks by making simple goals which can easily be accomplished, small achievements, can make one depressed person happy and award himself or herself with small awards. Always “challenge negative thoughts,” a depressed or even a healthy person should never let negative thoughts enter one’s mind. If negative thoughts have been fought, a depressed person could slowly but steadily become a mentally healthy person. Mental illness can be cured with help and care. 

For instance, a person I knew, looked depressed and he knew that to some extent he was depressed because of the pandemic. Some strangers and neighbours termed the boy as a ‘mad person.’ He was strong enough to consult his problem with his parents, who helped him. He was very soon, taken to a doctor and in no time, he became a mentally very healthy person.

Depression can be easily taken care of but it will get severe if one ignores it which can lead to a very isolated life with a negative and weak mind. Mental illness is not to be avoided or ignored, it is as important as physical well-being. If one’s mental fitness is not strong enough, a person would never be a positive person. Now, mental fitness is even more important than becoming fit or strong. 

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Krishnav Jhunjhunwala
Krishnav Jhunjhunwala
I am an avid tennis and table tennis player and state champion in taekwondo. I love to read and write stories.


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