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The To An Extent Theory

Written By Utkarsh Chawra (Grade 10)

We all hold the knowledge of how things work and what ideals and values come in handy in which situations. But the problem comes when we have to utilize all this in the right situations as quickly and accurately as we can, to get a move on from the problem.

The number of problems and hurdles faced by us vary drastically. Different kinds of people stick with different kinds of values and ideals to solve a problem. Some think non-violence is the only way out and some stick to sheer violent ways to get out of things. On the one hand, some think revenge is the way to seek justice, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” as they say, while others think there are more humble, respectful ways to find common ground between conflicting parties. 

It’s quite interesting if you notice, these values that lie in the extremities of their scales and that are so contradictory in nature are both often found in the same person and are found to be used in the same scenario. There are some people who prefer both, in the respective situations they should be used in. Conformists would automatically conclude that these people are hypocritical and don’t hold on to their ideals and values firmly. Now theoretically and technically they can be deemed to be right but practically, they stand corrected because there are multiple situations where the people can get the better of you sometimes and you’ll have to eventually do something about it. 

Coming to the theory, proposed by me: it states that everything, every value, every ideal, every object and facility that’s available to us is useful, required and important only to an extent. In some situations, there’s a requirement for both extremities of values to be utilized in a balanced way. For example, there are people who go against social media, and its functions and there are people on the other hand that hold that social media is very valuable and is a very useful way to communicate and spread information if used in the right way.  In this situation, one should take care that he/she shall not overuse it and not fall into the wrong uses of it. Since social media as is useful and has its positive sides, it can become as dangerous and vile as it can get. This theory also states that everything, every value, ideal, object, and facility has its own pros and cons. One should accept the cons of it and use it wisely and simultaneously be cautious about the point at which the cons will start overriding the pros and then tread respectively. One should be able to muster the knowledge of where to use what kind of values and ideals. This however takes some while and experience to know and execute them. 

This theory of mine, which I believe in my opinion is the most frequently seen and assessed. It will make its appearance to test the way you act in many vital and subtle situations. It also states that one has to become conscious of the distinctions that have to be drawn between the different values/ideals etc. 

Everything possesses a limit till which it can come into use, once surpassed, it either stops functioning or starts causing damage either to itself or its surroundings. 

It’s always better to not hold on to only one idea of how things work and not firmly hold values towards it, because you never know at times what can come in handy. Sometimes you will have to be rigid and hold your ground and at times you will be required to be flexible and adaptive towards new values/ideas/principles/opinions etc. 

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Utkarsh Chawra
Utkarsh Chawra
I am Utkarsh Chawra, 15 years of age. I love philosophy, sociology, politics, and other things that inspire and provoke my thought process. I hope that my thoughts challenge the mindset of the modern world and inspire people to challenge their own thought processes.


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