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The Wonder Of Science

Written By Milee Jain (Grade 8)

“Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity–Tim Michin”. Looking back at the age of when a man leads a life like a savage, we have truly come a long way. We have evolved drastically over time and the major forces behind this are science. The wonderful inventions have contributed to the comfort and wellbeing in almost every aspect of life. It helps us live with ease and we can’t imagine living without some creations.

 It has helped us carve out the foundations of a great civilisation and It has proven to be a substantial boon to our lives. But it wouldn’t wrong to say that science has both pros and cons. 

To say that science comes with lots of benefits would be an understatement. Science has made developments in almost every field of work. From agriculture, medicine, education, entertainment, technology to even the basic sanitizer we use. Science was one of the main causes of the industrial revolution which leads to the creation of many different machines. It has helped farmers in growing crops by providing fertilisers, pesticides and irrigation techniques. Transportation has evolved from walking on foot to piloting huge aeroplanes, ships and cars. Communication and technology -where letters took days to reach the recipient but now a single message is a click away. Medicine–the most salient place where deadly diseases can be treated and surgery can transplant almost every part of the body. Therefore, science has changed the world in unimaginable ways. 

As the saying goes that there Is no rainbow without rain. Science also has some drawbacks. The evolution of science has led to drastic pollution in water, air and land. Harmful chemicals released by factories in seas harm marine life and air pollution leads to the formation of oxides and acid rain. Not only environmental effects but nuclear weapons are an origin of science. These are deadly enough to cause war and wipe out full-fledged countries. Due to the ever-growing industrialisation, the unemployment rates are also increasing. 

In conclusion, science has many benefits but it also brings along destructive innovations and creations which are harmful to mankind. As A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said, “Science is a beautiful gift to humanity and we should not distort it.” We must stick to this quote and monitor its utilization for our benefit.

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Milee Jain
Milee Jain
I’m Milee Jain and I’m 13 years old. Few of my interests include reading, writing and exploring the outer space. I also play the piano and I’m fond of art. Be sure to check out my articles and essays. Also visit my blog here!


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