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The World as New

Written By Aadya Kataruka

This world that we are witnessing today has gone through millions of gradual changes over decades of years. As we make progress with science and technology, we also make progress with global conflicts and environmental challenges. The world is drowning right in front of our eyes, but we still choose ignorance over action.

Every day we get to hear some or other disheartening news on how we, as humans, have failed again. However, as long as it is not affecting our smooth, fancy daily lives, we choose to let it slide away. But today we have reached such a stage that our daily lives have started getting affected, and no one but we ourselves are to blame as nature gave too many signs and signals. Bangalore is going through a water crisis. Tonnes of carbon are being emitted from wars and various other sources. Innumerable lives are getting lost in petty fights between powerful ruling men. Temperatures are seeing a sharp rise like never before. Global warming keeps alarming. Pollution levels have come up to a suffocation level.

These problems seem to be never-ending and are always seen to be on the rise. However, if we humans were given the opportunity to rectify our mistakes, I would like to imagine a new world born from the dissolution of the existing one. In my eyes, this new world would ideally be characterised by harmony and balance: a place where humanity would coexist peacefully with nature, where diversity would be celebrated, and where technological advancements would be used responsibly for the benefit of all.

However, I would like for a few aspects to remain the same, like fundamental values such as compassion, empathy, and respect for one another and the planet. These values are timeless and essential for any sustainable and thriving society. Additionally, lessons from history should be able to guide us to avoid repeating mistakes like exploitation, inequality, environmental degradation, and negativity of all sorts. Striving for love, compassion, equality, justice, and environmental stewardship would be crucial in shaping this new world.

In this new world, I imagine myself as a facilitator of knowledge and understanding—a guide or educator helping others and myself navigate through this transformed reality. Whether as a teacher, mentor, or advocate for positive change, my role would be to contribute to a society where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish equally and lovingly. For my loved ones, I envision a life where we can live in harmony with our surroundings, appreciating the beauty of nature and the richness of diverse cultures. Building strong community ties and supporting one another would be central to our existence.

Getting to experience life in a new world would be the greatest boon to mankind, and every second and millimetre of it should be used wisely. Ultimately, this new world would be a place where humanity learns from its past, embraces its diversity, and works together to create a future that is equitable, peaceful, and sustainable for generations to come. However, the world that we belong to at this moment is going through a major crisis, and we, as the destroyers and protectors of this planet, should come together and save it as the clock is ticking.

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Aadya Kataruka
Aadya Kataruka
Hii I'm Aadya Kataruka and I'm a 14-year-old teenager from Kolkata. Reading, writing, and reconnecting with nature are my favourite pastimes. I relish writing poems on nature and want to use them to bring changes to the world. I also love itinerants and wish to explore nature-friendly places.


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