Monday, October 2, 2023

There Was Never A Good War

Written By Avani Bhandari (Grade 8)

There was a never good war or a bad peace.

Land truly does not belong to anybody. It is not a piece of geographical area but a ground rich with the blood of your ancestors. Moreover, its rivers, valleys, magnificent mountains and rock are alive and precious. These resources are bestowed to man and thus it is important to take care of them and support sustainable development.

Why fight for it when it is not yours in the first place?

Chief Seattle’s speech, one of the most impactful speeches in history, is remembered by the generation till date. Young and impulsive people of this generation go out on the war fields and fight wars and lose their lives, yet it is the family that sits at home and awaits them who bear the loss! Is revenge really what you call GAIN? How can we even comprehend the idea of not only selling and buying land but fighting WARS over it?


Featured Image Courtesy – USA Today

Avani Bhandari
Avani Bhandari
Hello, I'm Avani and I enjoy writing a lot as I believe that it's the best medium to let out our emotions. I hope my writing helps make a difference!


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