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Time and Tide Wait for None

Written By Namrathaa Shivakumar (Grade 11)

In the new modern world, we can find so many rich people who have a lot of expensive things in their name. But there’s something which is more valuable, something that even a poor man can buy if he uses it properly. It’s something which we can’t hold in our hands but if carelessly used everything around us can go out of control. This precious and expensive thing is, of course TIME.

Time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occur in an irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future. But a proper definition for time is not known. You must be wondering what the relation between time and tide is?? A tide is nothing but a wave. There are hardly very few differences between time and tide. The only thing is we can see tide but can’t see time. It seems silly but it’s very true. When you see waves coming towards you at beaches we cannot even think of stopping them. Though it’s big or small, it doesn’t wait for anybody and keeps on moving in its direction until it reaches the shore. When we think about time it’s just the same thing. It can’t be stopped by anyone or anything. Maybe, one fine day, the Earth may stop rotating but even then time won’t stop. It won’t even wait for anybody or anything. It’s not at all dependant. 

We humans do not know when what’s going to happen to us. We should be ready to face everything in life. Life gives us many beautiful opportunities. But what we should look at is how to use our time to its fullest. Just like we plan a budget to spend our money, we should also plan how to spend time. Once time is gone it’s gone forever. We cannot make any moment stop for us. Once Arjuna asks Sri Krishna to write a sentence on a wall that he can read when he’s happy as well as sad. Sri Krishna wrote, “THIS TIME WILL PASS BY” This means that if we read this sentence in a happy situation we feel sad that this time will go away. On the other hand if we read this sentence when we’re sad, we feel happy that this bad time will go away. Time is free but priceless. We can’t own it but we can use it. The best time to begin something is just now because it is the only time when we have any power to act. Time once gone is gone forever. Success and failure in our lives depend on the way we use time to its best advantage. Just like a tide only stops when it reaches the shore, we should also stop only when we reach our goal.

Time, as told earlier is very precious. In fact, it’s as precious as you are. So make the best use of each and every second because if its once GONE it’s gone FOREVER.

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Namrathaa Shivakumar
Namrathaa Shivakumar
I am Namrathaa Shivakumar, 9th grade studying at Sadvidya high school, at Mysore. I love reading as well as writing interesting articles. I also am interested towards science and fiction. I draw well and enjoy doing crafts. I always hope for the best 😀.


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