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Top 10 Video and Photo Editing Apps

Written By Yashita Somani (Grade 7)

Want to learn to edit, but don’t know how to, or which app? Well, here is the list of 10 apps which you can choose from, or find the best one you like!


There are inbuilt templates, you can alter them in any way. You can change the font size, the title, the wallpapers and a lot more.

In canva, there is an option called “uploads” where you can add your own logos or pictures. 

There are multiple presets which can be altered and you can also make your pictures or covers. There are many layers in which you can edit.

PRO – Many presets, many layers 

CON – Can be laggy sometimes and many things are the membership-based 


Wevideo is an app in which you can edit videos. In this app, you have inbuilt editing styles and even presets. In Wevideo, you can add sounds, videos, pictures 

And many more! You can add many layers too.

In the inbuilt presets there is an option where you can alter it to your perspective. 

There are video colouring layers too. You can add voice effects and many more 

Pros – Many additional layers, smooth quality

Cons – Doesn’t have many inbuilt presets 

Alight Motion

This app is available for all platforms. It’s very different from other apps.

There are presets, layers, shapes.

There are different transitions such as tiles, blurs, colours and more 

In Alight Motion, you can edit photos and videos.

You can also beat any graphic designer if you know this app.

Videos can be easily converted into GIFS

PROS – Many transitions, multilayers. 

CONS – Laggy sometimes when you add greenscreens or group/mask layers.

Video Star   

Video star is also known as VS.

It is an editing app only for Apple devices which includes Mac, iPhones, iPad, etc.

Video star is a free-range editing app you can do transitions, add filters, multilayers, and a lot more.

In Video Star, there are MANY paid transitions 

There are 3 different packages 1-month, 3 months and 1 year, they all are at different price points 

PROS – many transitions with different motions and colouring options

CONS – Effects are paid and it can be laggy or forced to be stopped.

Adobe Lightroom

In Adobe Lightroom, you can change the appearances of photos. 

Adobe Lightroom is popular and is used by many famous editors since it gives high-quality editing.

In this app, you can change the current picture and give it a completely different look. In this app, you can change the smallest things like the grain size to the biggest things and make it black & white. 

PROS – really easy and nice to work with.

CONS – videos cant be edited 


Inshot is an app for all platforms.

In this app, you can edit photos and videos.

There are ready-made transitions and ready templates for effects.

You can trim and split the videos. Clips can be easily merged, and speed is also adjustable.

PROS – nice filters and effects

CONS – Some effects are paid


This app is also cross-platform.

There are ready-made transitions in this app.

It’s a video editing app. You can add musical video clips.

You can crop the length of the videos, add text and give it a cool effect.

The transitions and effects are very nice. This app is user friendly with Kids.

Many effects allow the user to change the whole video.

In this app, there are very nice filters to work with too.

Pros – many ready-made transitions. 

Cons – Plays ads in between


 Kinemaster is a really good app for editing.

You can only edit videos in this app.

In this app, there are really cool transitions.

There is a big watermark of the app though, which can only be removed once you take the subscription.

In this app, you can select which category you want your effects from.

Most of the things here are for free.

PROS – many effects for free

CONS – big watermark.


This app can edit photos and videos.

It is really good for editing especially,  photos

You can add stickers, backgrounds, and give very cool effects.

In Picsart you can also add texts with cool fonts.

When you add backgrounds you can also erase anything which makes it look very cool too. 

The video effect is mostly only for the people with a membership, which you need to buy.

PROS – Multiple backgrounds options to choose from.

CONS – Video effect is only for “pros”


This is a really good app.

You can totally change the photo by giving effects .

This app is only for photo editing.

In this app, you can create your own filters too.

You can then save the pictures and also share that filter in a code. 

The people using your filters will then import it too.

PROS – You can import your own and others filters 

CONS – Videos cant be edited.

Hope this helped and you have found your ideal editing app, thank you for reading!

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Yashita Somani
Yashita Somani
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