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Top 5 Start-up Ideas for Kids

Written By Yashita Somani (Grade 7)

Hi, are you bored at home, want to start a small business, or want to make some money initially for business, well that’s a great thought, I’ve listed down some categories which can or might give you ideas for a small startup business!

Make An App

Almost every teenager likes playing games. And if it is made by a teenager themself then it will be amazing. Making apps is difficult, but you should not give up hope if things do not work out. Apps take a lot of time to make, you need to learn to code and the publish the app of either the app store or the google play store. Only when you have these things can you make an app!

Make sure your app/game has met the following criteria –

  • An interesting story
  • Keep it with a fixed genre like -educational, funny, informative 
  • If you want to monetise your app then start at low price points.

All the best!

Make Websites 

All websites have different genres like for gamers, editors, graphic designers and a lot more. Making websites can be hard, but hard work never fails. The purpose of making the website should be clear. It should also work on multiple devices.

Make sure that while making or presenting a website be confident and proud of the result.

Here are important some pointers- 

  • Make your website attractive 
  • Make your website informative and user friendly
  • Don’t make it very heavy as then it takes it time to load on slow network connections.


Start selling the stuff which you have at home or things which are not very expensive to buy from outside…You can sell multiple items and give a wide range to your buyers…Some examples are 

  • Bags
  • Makeup
  • Clothes 
  • Board Games 
  • Stationery 

By selling these items you can start earning money which will motivate you to continue selling. This can turn into a small start-up.

You can get some money and start reinvesting in your business.

Make sure that the packaging is attractive with a handwritten note from your side.

Publish books and stories! 

If you like reading and writing you should surely start writing a book. Reading and writing is a lot of fun! If you like fiction books then let your imagination go wild. If you read non-fiction then make sure to have your facts correct.

When you write a book make sure you have these pointers-

  • Make a catchy headline
  • Make an organised book
  • Make catchy titles
  • Don’t give too much information in the preface

Product Reviews

By reviewing products you can give information about that particular product and help others make decisions. When you review any product make sure that you focus on the negative aspects along with the positive views as well so that you can give an unbiased point of view.

Make sure you remember these points-

  • Review helpful products 
  • Stay to the point.

Thank you for reading!

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Yashita Somani
Yashita Somani
Hi! My Name is Yashita and I am 12 years old ...I love dancing, eating and was a big TikTok fan but sadly it's banned now :-)I love troubling my brother ..and my friends would describe me better as an easy-going person!!


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