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Unemployment and how it is Plaguing our World

Written By Namrathaa Shivakumar (Grade 11)

Basically, unemployment refers to individuals who are employable and actively seeking a job but are unable to find a job and get employed. Unemployment is one of the major problems faced by India. Along with unemployment, there are many other major problems that are connected to it, such as corruption, poverty, black money, a huge population, and more. The rapidly rising population causes a lack of education and opportunities resulting in poverty. India is the seventh-largest country, yet it has the second largest population. Unemployment can be seen more in urban areas. It is higher for educated people as compared to their counterparts. 

Though job creation is increasing, unemployment is also rising day by day. Theoretical education is also one of the main reasons for unemployment. The education system in India concentrates more on theoretical education and not the practical knowledge that is necessary for any job. In India, only grades are considered as the measure of intelligence rather than skill. The economical conditions, lack of motivation, corruption also play a major role in unemployment. Unemployment can be of many types as well. Seasonal unemployment is more likely in rural areas, in the fields of agriculture. But always believe where there is a will, there’s always a way.

First and foremost India’s education system must be changed, but how? Instead of teaching young children to score good marks and then get a corporate job, they can be pushed into entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses. Children should also excel at extracurriculars like dance, music, sports and anything else they like. So when education is not holding their hand, these side courses will come to their rescue.

But grown-up people, who do not have a lot of money to invest, can start with a small scale industry. They can start with a very small business and then build up the company to make it big. They should concentrate more upon the ideas where they can work out of home and don’t need too much manpower, so that employee salary can be saved. Some idea of what they can do:

  • Dried flowers and garlands from temples can be collected and they can be either made into fine powder to make agarbattis or they can be crushed to extract paint out of it. Such activities don’t require big machines or a lot of employees.
  • Plastic can be collected and many innovative things can be done with the help of it such as melting it and preparing things or making ready made products by decorating/modifying garbage plastic.

Innovative and motivational programmes should be conducted for the youth. The youth also suffer from unemployment and today’s youth are tomorrow’s generation. So it’s very necessary to look after them. Many youths are talented not only in studies but in many other activities.  But some are afraid of coming forward and others do not get a proper opportunity to showcase their talent. Government should appoint people in bringing such students forward.

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Namrathaa Shivakumar
Namrathaa Shivakumar
I am Namrathaa Shivakumar, 9th grade studying at Sadvidya high school, at Mysore. I love reading as well as writing interesting articles. I also am interested towards science and fiction. I draw well and enjoy doing crafts. I always hope for the best 😀.


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