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Updates on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Written By Darshan M (Grade 10)

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel was in a “State of War” after the Al Aqsa Storm by the Hamas terrorist group. Mohammed Deif the leader of the military wing of Hamas declared Operation Al Aqsa Storm. He is asking all Palestinians to stand against Israel. But what does it mean this whole situation is very tragic and very dangerous too. Videos are going viral on social media where a woman from the Israeli military was captured killed, stripped naked and paraded in the city. 7th Oct was a Jewish holiday in Israel. Jewish people read the Torah, one of the holiest texts in Judaism. And on this same day, Hamas launched 5000 rockets on Israel. Citizens were advised to take shelter from these bombings. Israel’s state-of-the-art Iron Dome technology stopped many rockets but at least 250 people were killed 1500+ were wounded many were taken hostage. Countries like India, France, Germany and Italy as well have condemned these attacks and supported Israel’s right to defend. This conflict has been going on for the last 75 years and after every few months some news of violence is heard. But, WAR this word is used for the first time. What’s the truth? And what’s its impact on the global level? Some opinions may be different from others and people have respect for that.

First let’s understand, what is Hamas? Today, the Israel and Palestine map itself is very controversial, because the people of Palestine believe that from 1947 till today Israel has been slowly capturing Palestine. We can see Palestine’s map reducing with time and this is used by many terror outfits to attack on Israel. We should raise an important question here is a map justified, to kill innocent people? The Gaza Strip shares its borders with Israel and Egypt To its west is the Mediterranean Sea and this area is controlled by Hamas. Hamas is a militant organisation that has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2006. Let us make it clear that Hamas is a terrorist organisation and there is no controversy about it. The United States, the European Union and many other countries have designated them as terrorist organisation. Hamas means, “Islamic Resistance Movement” Hamas was started in 1987 and in 1988 they started a Hamas charter and their objective is to save Palestine from Israeli occupation. In Arabic, this word means bravery in Hebrew it loosely means violence to be clear. Hamas wants to remove Israel completely from the map and for the past 30 years, their violent attempts have been going on from the 1980s to today.

Let’s have a look at all their terror attacks on the general public, data of at least 87 attacks is available. In total, more than 1000 people have been injured or killed due to the attacks by Hamas. Just think about it, this is such a small country but all the people from this country live under the threat of terror. Hence, Israel has made its Iron Dome Defence System. In 2011, Israel Aerospace Industries made a mobile air defence system named Iron Dome the objective is to intercept short-range missiles in mid-air before they do any harm on the ground and destroy them mid-air. There are 3 main components of this system: radar system, command system and missile launcher. Whenever rockets are launched from the Gaza Strip this system detects them and maps their trajectory. Then counter missiles are sent and these missiles coming from Gaza are intercepted mid-air and stopped. In the war which happened in 2012, this Iron Dome system intercepted 85% of rockets and saved lives. This system is Israel’s biggest defence against Hamas, which Hamas also knows still they launched 5000 rockets and this is not some ordinary terror attack but this is a declaration of war.

This operation of Hamas is named Al Aqsa Storm. This is because Hamas claims Israeli armed forces do violence around Al Aqsa Mosque. Israel did many raids in the West Bank this year and more than 200 people died in this. It is important to understand, who were these 200 people, Israel believes these 200 people were militants or colleagues of militants. Whenever Israel goes inside the West Bank to take action against militants they have to encounter stone pelting Israel says that lives are lost in retaliation. The situation has always been complicated As a result, this year more than 200 people were killed in the West Bank more than 30 people were killed in Israel. The argument here always is who started the violence? Israel says that people throw stones first and then go into the mosque to hide. Palestinians say that they get into the mosque take people out and kill them, who is right? Each of them has their own opinions and we have to analyse this situation and come to a conclusion. Gaza Strip is surrounded from all sides they can’t get help from Israel and they only have two options either Egypt is helping them or someone else. These 5000 rockets, so many weapons how are they reaching them? The truth is that, on humanitarian grounds, America keeps giving them aid but maybe this aid money is not reaching the right people. They are used to buy weapons instead of reducing the conflict in this area the conflict is increasing.

In the final declaration of this year’s G20, the India-Middle East corridor was signed, and even Israel’s leadership believes that this is our largest cooperation project in history not only at India’s level but on a global level. However, after this attack by Hamas, The project will be cancelled because this corridor travels through the Mediterranean Sea for the next few years if this area is in conflict then starting any major project would be difficult here. No big country would invest here and even if the route is made it still won’t be safe for trade. And, Saudi Arabia now falls in a tricky situation because, historically they have supported Palestine and now slowly they have started building connections with Israel. Now, whom will they support? Israel or Palestine? Any statement from them will create a big impact on geopolitics and Saudi Arabia’s stance will be very important for India. Israel is such a country which never tolerates any type of instigation they never hold back from taking action and, any leaders do not bring their politics into this. Israel’s opposition leader as well has supported the Govt. When it is about National Security politics must never come in the middle. In the end, it is important to understand that war, is a very dangerous situation. For the Israeli people War-like situation has become very common and this is very sad. Whenever missile attacks happen sirens start ringing and people have to leave all their work and get into bunkers.

We have to understand, how lucky we are that we are away from the war and live in a country like India. In this whole situation, there are no two sides and nothing can justify, 5000 rockets being fired. This is a very big terror attack because, whenever these rockets hit a building they won’t ask for their religion or what’s your political ideology they will only take lives. War is dangerous for all because a war impacts the economy too it impacts our day-to-day lives our supply chains are broken, things become expensive shortages are formed collateral damage increases there is instability in geopolitics, also brings instability in our lives. This is the truth being informed about the world is important Forming your opinions by yourself is important. But at the same time, warmongering is harmful to all of us because directly or indirectly a war impacts all of us.

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