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Volcanoes: The cleansing fires of the ecosystem

Written By Aanya Sharma (Grade 10)

Inspiration is a force unto itself which can’t simply be expressed onto a paper with a pen. It’s an idea that ignites within us ever so subtly and leaves us awestruck with the result. This vital thread is the pure connection between our dreams and the real world, enabling them to become a reality. Inspiration can be found in any nook or corner of life; we just need to open ourselves to it. Mine is in the form of a tapering structure wrapped around in a charcoal cloak that is streaked with a luminescent concoction of crimson and gold. The massive yawning chasm discloses only the danger and beauty that lurks beneath the Earth’s crust and the wisps of ash plumes, billowing omnisciently from the crest, juxtaposes the bright blue sky.

Volcanoes, as hard as it is to picture, are the ones responsible for some of the most mesmerizing sights on our planet. These dynamic marvels are the geological architects of Earth and have an astounding role in our ecosystem. The exotic chain of Hawaiian Islands known for its flamboyant environment and dazzling beaches is a result of the deposition of magma over a long period of time. In fact, most of these tropical islands are products of volcanic activity. It’s inspirational to see that something as dull and dreary as ash can be the creator of such beautiful and attractive landscapes. Undoubtedly, these potent forces exhibit dual nature- on one hand it destroys but on the other it creates. It has been scientifically proven that the most productive soils of the agricultural sector are the ones formed by igneous rocks. In other word black soil, as it is more commonly known as, is the most fertile soil as it vastly aids in the production of umpteen crops. This duality should be seen as an aspiration to all of mankind, for it is much like our own lives. There are challenges and hardships present in each one of our lives, but it is fundamentally our choice whether we want to navigate through the magma and find opportunities. If one can excavate even the most precious gems like opals, obsidians and onyxes from the drab, grey rock, then finding fresh ideas on a tedious path doesn’t seem that bleak. Destruction and renewal are a constant cycle which implores us to see our own adversities as new beginnings.  We shall rise like a phoenix from the ashes from unpredictable paths of life, another crucial lesson learnt from the unpredictable nature of obliterations done by these volcanoes. From this we mustn’t fear the natural element but learn to be flexible and adaptable in impossible scenarios. Change isn’t always daunting, sometimes it’s a chance to start over and build your life the way you want to. In a nutshell, we can see that these slumbering giants are often underestimated and are not seen for what they symbolize.

Lava is messy, but so are emotions both of which you cannot schedule. When they come, they might bring an explosion but when the dust and smoke settle down you get a new landscape, a pristine picture, a different perspective. What’s inspiring from these structures is that if you gain an understanding on them, you will be able to truly connect with your core. At the end of the day, we are all nature’s creation, and we are all a lot more similar than what anyone could have imagined.

Featured Image Courtesy – Britannica


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