Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Water – Our Solider

Written By SG Pratyush (Grade 10)

A soldier is a person who saves us from enemies. Here, we are talking about our natural soldier – “The Water”. We know that water is the most precious thing on earth. It saves, us in many ways, from fire and other diseases. It is very soft but the strongest, like a soldier. It has a power of stopping fire, breaking stones. If there is less of it we can control it or stop it, but if it is in large amount it cannot be controlled or stopped. Even our soldiers are unstoppable when in large numbers.

When soldiers get on then their nerves they destroy the enemy as a cake walk. Even when the water is angry it will kill the people brutally in the form of tsunami, floods, etc. The soldiers do not care even if they are not respected but the people respect them, like the water. The consequences otherwise are in the form of tsunamis and floods of bullets on the enemies and bad people. If we are good and respect her, she is our mother who keeps us alive by giving food, water, shelter. If we won’t, it will manifest in the form of destruction.

Featured Image Courtesy – DoSomething.org


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