Friday, July 19, 2024

What can we learn from plants?

Written By Rushika Yella

Nature is the source of our living. Everyone is interdependent, which helps maintain the ecosystem. Plants, animals, and humans all depend on nature for their survival.

Nature is the only means of survival for everyone. Plants give us oxygen, shade and food to survive. They also remove toxins present in the air. They are now home to many creatures.

 So, let us look at how plants help us or what we can learn from plants.

1. Adaptation – Plants adapt to different seasons. They stay strong in any circumstances. They accept the challenge and  try to win over the situations
2. Perseverance – We can learn how perseverance can lead to personal growth.  They change with seasons.
3. Patience and growth – Trees help us learn how patience and growth are inter linked. They grow slowly and steadily and yet stronger with time.
4. Giving – It’s from plants and trees that we can learn the art of giving. They give us oxygen, fruits, flowers and vegetables. The roots and barks of some trees are also useful for us.  So learn from trees about the art of giving.
5. Don’t compare – Not all trees grow in the same way. Some take time to grow and few other trees take time to grow. Hence  don’t compare your life with other people’s lives.

Apart from learning from plants and trees we are in a very critical phase where there is rapid increase in temperatures across the globe. So I request everyone to urge to plant more trees and cool it down. Let us all unite irrespective of borders to protect our nature and Earth. We all have only one Earth. Now is the time to act. Hope we all will.

Featured Image Courtesy – Martha Stewart


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