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What do all great leaders have in common?

Written By Laksshha Khanna (Grade 11)

Rapid fire question, name three leaders that come into your head. Was it Gandhi, Mandela, Churchill or Buffet, Gates and Jobs. Though they represent different fields there is a thread that ties all of them together. Their vision and determination that make them worthy of the adjective great before leader.

Today if you look up what makes a great leader, you will be acquainted with results depicting integrity, discipline, confidence and the like. Let me remind you that a lot of people have been credited to possess the same but do not receive the title of a leader. What is the factor that sets them apart, what is it that they have that an individual, checking all boxes a leadership manual states you should have, does not.

What every great leader has in common is the courage to dream different. Not only do they dare to think radical, they hold firm belief in their thoughts and bring them to action. That is the strength of their dream and what shapes them into leaders. The hunger to bring a plan to life.

On that account, Hitler stands to be the perfect example. Horrified by the loss the Germans had to endure after the first World War he took it upon himself to bring the country out of peril. He instilled faith in his people and picked up their broken pieces when the entire world had looked back. Today Germany can be regarded as a developed nation because Hitler was ready to cross all obstacles and drag it out of post war depression. He had a vision, one perhaps he shared with hundreds of others but only he was brave enough to let that keep him up at night.

Gates was no different. He was the reigning beholder of the title of the world’s richest man for twenty years. What took him there? He showed his idea for Microsoft to 1200 people from which 900 said no, 300 showed some interest, only about 85 people actually did anything, 30 took a serious look and 11 made him a multi-millionaire. He had faith in himself and that faith rubbed off on those set of people who recognised it. Gates had a dream and he was ready to do anything to achieve it. He had enough belief in himself and his idea that it made people believe in it too.

The adjective great can be added in front of a leader only if people can own their personas instead of shying away from it. A great leader does not need to be the best, a great leader needs to trust themselves to work towards being the best.

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Laksshha Khanna
Laksshha Khanna
I have a passion for writing and I keep challenging my mind by giving a creative twist to my ideas. It is my dream to create a travelogue with my personal experiences of the places I visit.


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