Friday, September 22, 2023

What Does Freedom Mean To Me?

Written By Pari Aggarwal (Grade 8)

Like a butterfly in the air, a horse running with his mane unfurling with the wind, and laughter in someone’s ears, every human yearns and deserves to be free. To me, freedom is something beyond stereotypes and is essentially an opportunity to express oneself in any possible way.

By the constitution of India, every citizen is guaranteed these six Fundamental Freedoms: Freedom of Speech and Expression, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom to form associations, Freedom of Movement, Freedom to reside and to settle, and Freedom of profession, occupation, trade, or business. However, I feel freedom is so much more.

I believe that to deem a person to be free, he or she must fulfil these rudimentary needs along with the ones the constitution provides.

  • That person should be free to practice any religion be it Islam or Hinduism, Judaism or Christianity; whatever the heart desires
  • That person should also be able to print or write whatever he or she wants
  • He or she must have the right to continue their education no matter their age.

I am not oblivious to the fact that not everyone is guaranteed these freedoms, and it saddens me greatly. To me, innocent people have been divested of what should be a norm. Why is freedom only for the elite? It should be a necessity, not a privilege.

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Pari Kochhar
Pari Kochhar
Hi, my name is Pari Aggarwal Kochhar and I am 13 years old. I am an avid reader who loves to dance. I started off writing only for school assignments but soon realised I enjoy it immensely. Now, I write a new article almost every week. Do check them out.



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