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What Independant India Means to Me?

Written By Sinchana Raj BK (Grade 11)

The word “Independent India” brings with it the reminder of the lives that have been sacrificed in order to feel the essence of freedom that we have today, it is the gift of real leaders to the younger generation. As one of the greatest freedom fighter, Bal Gangadhar Tilak once said “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”. Freedom has always been our birthright from the very start.

Independent India to me is equal to the freedom that we are able to feel today. This surreal feeling of freedom which includes our fundamental rights and fundamental duties and all the other laws that are been written in the constitution which are being the epitome of protecting one’s freedom to live by their own choice and also each of us performing certain fundamental duties which are very much essential for the wellbeing of our country. Everyone is able to make their own choices because of this freedom.

The freedom we enjoy being in a democratic country India is still a dream for many other countries that are not democratic yet. Independent India has faced many challenges to be what it is today. 

We could talk about India being a diverse country we are able to understand the differences we have and cope up with it and always staying united is making us stronger day by day. India is a country of “Unity in diversity”, even though we may face many differences through diversity we still stand as one.

I would also want to bring awareness on freedom not being able to reach the nooks of our country, one nook would be women safety that not all women feel safe to go out, and some women even today are not able to make their own life choices be it their education, career or even marriage. So somewhere we can feel that freedom is still much needed when it comes to certain nook areas like these. Not only this nook we can even consider the education nook, not every child is able to access education even today.

So amidst some of these nooks which are still in reach for freedom, our country is trying to improve its every nook so we should be super proud of our country and hope all nooks of our country are able to see the light of freedom as a whole.

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