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What Independent India means to me?

Written By Rewa Purohit (Grade 11)

Independence is a condition they say, a mere clause declaring limited freedom from forceful sovereignty. I believe that Independence is a way of life, a newborn art learning to crawl, a lotus bud blooming after a heavy monsoon, and a feeling of pride that does not fade away.

Independent India is the candle that continued to glow to glory, and the place I love to call home. There it might lie in a puddle of its dripping wax and struggles, the wick blackened from endured wrongdoings, but the fire continues to burn and my identity continues to develop.

Here we are, 27375 days later, celebrating India’s 75th Independence Day with garv.

What does independent idea really mean? Independent India is not kneeling down at the feet of a foreign power, but instead kneeling down to help someone. This means I can look up to fellow civilians to show kindness towards me and others since benevolence is a two-way street. Independent India is not hearing lethal gunshots in bazaars (market places), but instead hearing claps from a boisterous crowd encouraging a talented street performer just by the galli (street). This conveys to me that my community of people will support me through my challenges, encouraging growth instead of pulling me down. Independent India is not seeing an innocent common man enslaved in shackles, but instead seeing an ordinary man’s samosa stall flooded with hungry passerby’s. I can always feel comforted by the mouth-watering scent of my favorite food in times of need. Independent India is not discerning widowers’ sobs, but instead, children giggling while playing gilli-danda. I know I can rely on the smiling faces around me and my society to put a smile on my face stretching from one ear to another.

Today, Independent India provides me with a platform to freely voice my opinions, express my emotions and support what I truly believe in. I can now transform my ideas into reality without facing societal obstacles and being judged. I can now confidently move in the direction of my dreams without looking back, because I know Independent India has got my back. Independent India allows my thinking to evolve with the changing times, preparing me for unforeseen circumstances in the future.

As a country, we have learned to look beyond our immediate greed, and instead, aid social causes such as the progression of women in a multitude of professional fields. We have begun to care for the betterment and welfare of others unknown to us, which I perceive as a blessing. Independent India has allowed women like me to have an equal opportunity in life, in our families, and in communities. Society has now started accepting and respecting a girl’s potential, without casting doubt on her capabilities.

As our nation continues to rapidly develop, our attitudes toward each other, liberty, and life constantly change too. You and I both have the right to “live life to the fullest.” India now shines so bright that it can give light to others, defining the very concept of ‘Unity in diversity’ with various cultures and beliefs coexisting in close to perfect harmony.

Before the historically marked year of 1947, India was constrained and locked in a tiny box who’s key was in someone else’s hand. Our legendary freedom fighters shook this box and managed to make room for growth in it. India could not stay forever captured and shunned away from a chance at progress and freedom. It took several arduous years, but we broke free of the chains holding us back. Now, Independent India’s future is in the hands of today’s youth, taking 3 steps forward and no steps backward. To me, independent Bharat is my identity, family, home, and a gift I will forever salute.

Happy Independence Day!

Featured Image Courtesy – Times of India


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