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What Independent India means to Me?

Written By Jithesh K U (Grade 11)

Well, the question seems to be simple but when asked it takes time to answer. Independence Day is one of the great festivals celebrated in our country on the 15th of August. The year 1947 is an immemorable year for all energetic Indians. The great
personalities or freedom fighters what we call them shaped and gave a newborn life to their motherland. This is not only the day to unfurl the nation’s flag and salute it. At the same time, we people of India should prompt the qualities of our
freedom fighters to inculcate those principles in our life. Now we are able to live comfortably and lead a delightful life because of them. Today India is independent because of the sacrifices and blood of great personalities and other common people who were actively involved in the freedom struggle. Today if we survey people by asking them what do you mean by independent India, we get many different answers and responses across our country. People view Independent India from many angles. The word “Independent” while referring to the people of the country, it means we are free and are not under the control of anyone. Independent means individualistic and self-reliant. I feel pleasure when we call our nation an “Independent” nation this word has
tremendous vitality. The impact of this word has changed the way people lived earlier everybody has the desire to be
independent and stand on their own legs. Today the country is getting developed because of the persistently used word “Independent”. From the beginning of the new era, this word is frequently arriving with every Indians. Formerly we were dependent on Britishers, the question arises like why, why we were dependent on them? This is because they are the ones who introduced technology and by using our land resources they utilized them and produced excellent products. We Indians were not much aware of technology and its applications past. We people started to believe that they might modernize and develop our nation. This is because we had faith and trust in them. Indians had a unique talent, but it was curtailed by Britishers’ interests and their awful policies. The time passed by very humiliation and corruption to people but we initially never noticed it. We thought one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Indians were totally fascinated and later realized the blunder they were doing every minute.
When we say Independent India we should follow the policy and laws that are laid down by our constitution. The Constitution of India protects the rights and respects every citizen equally. Today India is becoming Independent because of youth and educated as well as illiterate people who give an equal share of the development of the country. One thing I want to say is, India can be truly said as independent if there is a lack of hunger, raising women’s empowerment, liberating scheduled castes and tribes and Dalits from their discrimination. Sustainable development leads to stability in the environment. When export is more than import when can say this country is working independently. Even less or limited extent consumption of crude oil which is non-renewable should be used adequately. Our India is said to be independent only if we follow the above criteria.

Today India is independent because of strong-hearted, warm-blooded, full of courage and bravery the warriors of our motherland who give their blood to protect and promote their motherland to be Independent are the “SOLDIERS”. I’m feeling elated and proud of them. It feels euphoric to say that I’m the grandson of an army officer who served his motherland for 25 years. At an early age, he has started his career and is completely devoted to his motherland. I’m looking forward to meeting an Army officer and salute him by giving him tremendous respect. How careful and sharp should be they in every second of life.It is not an easy job to serve the motherland it requires a colossal amount of guts, courage and bravery. The soldiers are the people sent by god. Equal respect should be given to them also. India got Independence not only from Freedom Fighters but also from common people. The main necessary point to be noted is we got freedom by being and working out unitedly. Unity lies in Diversity despite caste, creed, gender and other people came together without any afraid and fear fought for us to see a bright future. With true spirit they gathered every person from different corners of the country and actively participate for freedom. Even though today we are free but we keep animals under our control. They’ve been confined to one single space. When they will get their freedom?.The
the answer is they might cause harm to the human race and society and another reason is for the study of zoology. When they will be independent?

On this auspicious day of the 75th year of Independence, I myself devote my motherland and seek blessings from her. This day is very unique and special for every Indian Citizen. Today let’s take the pledge to serve our motherland full of discipline and promote it to further generations for them to see a bright future. Jai Hind. Satyameva Jayate.

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