Monday, April 15, 2024

What Is Real Independence?

Written By Paarth and Prisha Bhagia

Dear Krishna we have a wish to tell you.  

Tomorrow is India’s Independence Day and we want coronavirus to get over. Coronavirus started in 2019, so we want the world to have freedom from coronavirus now only!  A lot of people are getting sick so people’s lives are in danger, we want them to be free from this bad virus.  Because of this virus, people are getting sad and scared because they are worried about not just the virus but also about their house, their work, their friends and family, their livelihood and overall their lives.  

The kids are not allowed to go out of their houses. We cant go to school and if we don’t go to school we will not get knowledge. We are not meeting friends and we are feeling lonely. We cant go to the shop and buy toys. It’s too boring without going anywhere.

Our parents are not able to go to the office and if our parents don’t go to our office, we wouldn’t have money. If we don’t have money, how can we study?  We can’t go on holiday too and meet other people. 

Our grandparents cant go to the doctor. If they don’t go to the doctor and exercise, they will get more sick. 

Our driver bhaiya and home didi can’t get money , how will they get food and how will their kids go to school .

Our doctors also should take care of themselves, so they don’t get corona.

Like you helped Paarth (Arjuna) win the battle, you have to help us also win this battle against Coronavirus. Like you have given knowledge to Arjuna (Paarth) about doing the right thing, please give our doctors and scientists more knowledge about how the virus came and how to make it go away.  You have always helped the greater good, so please help us also for the greater good of mankind. Since you killed all the demons like Bakasura (stork demon), Aghasura (snake demon) and others you can also kill the corona demon. 

Remember people, Krishna told us to live the right way, so you got to exercise a lot to remain healthy. You to have to do jumping jacks, pull-ups, headstand, yoga and other kinds of exercise. You should not eat junk food, so your body can remain strong.  You also have to chant “Hare Krishna, Hare Rama” once or twice a day so you can be free from worries.  We got to take care of ourselves, so we don’t get sick. Krishna told us to be brave and not be scared if you are doing the right thing, so be brave.  Krishna told us if we help people, you get good karma back, so please help as many people as you can who are finding it difficult.  We should also share our knowledge with other people, so more people can gain from it!

Dear Krishna, please do reply to us. Make tomorrow a corona independence day. Please give a message to the whole world by defeating the virus and make people happy again.

We love you and please love the world back. We say sorry if the world has not been nice to everyone and to mother earth .

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Paarth & Prisha Bhagia
Paarth & Prisha Bhagia
Paarth Bhagia is a 7.5-year-old boy living in Mumbai and loves Krishna, coding, lego and football. He studies in class 2. Prisha Bhagia is going to be 6 years old soon and wants to celebrate her birthday without coronavirus. She is also from Mumbai and loves Krishna, soft toys, dolls, dancing and singing.


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