Sunday, October 1, 2023

Why Female Leaders Have Been So Successful In Handling Covid-19

Written By Ruhani Koul (Grade 8)

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a clear trend has emerged: nations led by women have been more successful at containing – and in the case of New Zealand even apparently eradicating – outbreaks of the virus. Whether it was from the strict lockdown imposed by Jacinda Ardern before even a single case was reported, or their supremely good leadership skills- the world has been taken aback by the impressive work by our female leaders.

From Germany’s Angela Merkel to Norway’s Erna Solberg, female leaders have reportedly fought COVID-19 outbreaks more efficiently than many others, registering lower cases and lower death rates. 

Although it is risky to say female leaders perform better than most others in times of crisis, it is certainly the case this time around. Women have taken a far different, and successful approach to the rapid spread of the virus- by making sure, from a leadership perspective- their country is in good hands. 

From a leadership point of view, they have taken on roles to make sure they and their citizens are fully aware of the situation and have resources readily available. 

What differentiates them, firstly, is their empathy. Unlike other countries, both developed and developing, these leaders made sure to put their people’s safety at the very heart of their response. Driven by their values, the leaders made sure that each person under their leadership was well taken care of and regularly updated on the situation. 

Leaders like Angela Merkel, Jacinda Ardern, Sanna Marin, and Erna Solberg have been wise enough to know that you can’t save a country’s economy when people are ground down by a pandemic. Instead of trying to get everybody up and running, these leaders have made sure the health of the citizens is before the country’s economic success. 

Along with that, the female leaders of the world have made sure that they are well informed on the country’s successes and failures, as well as on the virus in general. After educating themselves, they regularly communicate with the population and stick to a designated plan. They have listened to experts and made decisions solely based on people’s well-being and health. 

Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway even held a children’s consultation, acknowledging that children get worried and concerned in events like these.

It is extremely hard for women to get to the top, so their success is a reminder to the world that anyone has the potential to be a hero. It is a shame that it takes a virus to realize this. 

Featured Image Courtesy – The Guardian

Ruhani Koul
Ruhani Koul
My name is Ruhani Koul, and I am 13 years old. I enjoy journaling, art and I love writing poems, books, and essays. I am from India, but I currently live in Zurich, which has now become my home. I hope my literature takes you somewhere interesting and makes you want to explore too.


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