One of the objectives of competitions like this is to push the participants into going out of their comfort zone. In this case, one was pleasantly surprised to see the participants not only go across time and place but also put very different thinking hats on. How else does one explain a thesis on the Night Witches or a critical analysis of the Treaty of Versailles?

Some other stories which were fascinating and hence deserve a special mention, include The Football War or Wars tickling the human mind and driving a range of innovation. Equally interesting was reading about stories from different regions like Ireland, Yemen, Syria and Vietnam.

Kudos to all the participants for making this an enriching competition.

And in closing, echoing the sentiment of many of you, let there be peace!

Winner (Pratichi Satpathy) – The Night Witches – An Untold Story from World War II

Runner Up (Siroun Thacker) – Did the Treaty of Versailles justify holding Germany responsible for starting World War I?


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