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Words of a Future Leader

Written By Harshikaa Khanna (Grade 5)

Home to multiple dynasties, cultures, people and religions, India is the confluence of diversity. Infused with iconic monuments, breathtaking landscapes and over 19500 dialects, India has a fascinating layers of history attached to it, ranging from the early settlers, traders, invaders and its own two- hundred- year-long struggle towards freedom. 

Succeeding a glorious past is a glorious present. 

India is the largest democracy in the world with a population of 1.4 billion and is the sixth largest economy in the world. India is home to almost all of the ten fastest growing cities in the world, ranks third in the list of most number of billionaires and has the largest film industry in the world. India is being acknowledged on the global frontiers and is hosting the G20 Summit 2023. 

Behind this rapid development are people who struggle to make ends meet. 42% of the world’s poor people live in India which means that 450 million people are below the poverty line. India’s unemployment rate is around 8.3% and about 100,00 abortions take place every year solely because the foetus is female.

As a visionary, and a leader of the future, I plan on undertaking appropriate measures to eradicate the root cause of these major problems- overpopulation.

Our country has a large section of the population under the age of 25. Regardless of having a huge number of working inhabitants, the youth are forced to migrate due to low job availability and a lack of developmental resources for the large populace. If we had an efficient plan to control our population growth, we would be able to provide an efficient medical infrastructure for the masses and better education and employment opportunities for the youth.  

Overpopulation is also caused due to a high number of unwanted pregnancies and a low perception of family planning. 

What India needs is a thorough understanding of the subject and the importance of birth control. Though a lot of measures have been taken to spread awareness regarding the same, this issue needs to be pursued rigorously.  

 I would make it compulsory for all schools, private and public, to make sex education compulsory and focus on having smaller families whom they can nurture which will further help in the development of the country. 

To prevent brain drain, I will take it upon myself to establish renowned schools and universities in the country, garnering international appreciation. They will offer a variety of curriculums, scholastic and co-scholastic activities and dynamic courses to cater to the needs of all kinds of students. This will be a great step to ensure that our children do not need to leave the country to find better opportunities. I would invite entrepreneurs to collaborate with the government and open joint-sector schools and universities.

If as a leader, I would be able to promptly implement these measures, India would be able to rid itself of its major handicaps and emerge as a developed nation. 

I would like to end here by quoting a famous leader, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Harshikaa Khanna
Harshikaa Khanna
I am an 8-year-old girl who enjoys playing the synthesizer and listening to music. Writing has been a very recent hobby.


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