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Your Life is Your Choice

Written By Rehaan Maniyar (Grade 10)

When we board a flight, we are all aware that, the take-off is entirely out of our control. It is all in the hands of the pilot. And the landing, even that is, beyond our control. That too is in the hands of the pilot. Sometimes, there is a very smooth landing where you don’t even realize that the plane landed and sometimes a more bumpy landing. However, still out of our control. The turbulence during the journey, the wind speed and when the plane passes through the clouds and it becomes wobbly; it is not in our control. What is in our control during the flight, during the journey is what we chose to do. Some go to sleep, some watch movies, some keep munching something, yet others make new friends, talk to new people and network. Yes, what to do in that journey is always in our control.

In the journey of life as well, the take-off, which is our birth, is not in our hands. We didn’t choose our parents, we didn’t choose which nation we were born in, and we didn’t choose the city we stay in as well. We didn’t choose the socio-economic class we are born in. Nor did we choose the religion we are born in.

Similarly, the landing which is death, even that is going to be completely beyond our control. It’s not in our hands. You just can’t decide how you wanna die. You can’t be like, “oh I wanna die by getting a massive heart attack, no trouble, no hospitalization, nothing, just drop down on the floor.” Haha, not possible right? No matter how much anyone might wish that, it’s beyond us. 

What about the turbulence, the disturbances, the problems during the journey of life? Well, some of them are within our control, the problems which we can solve. But many problems and issues are completely beyond our control because it is caused by situations which are beyond our scope or sometimes, caused by people who we don’t control.

In the journey of life, the take-off, the landing and the turbulence are not in our control. What is in our control is the choices we can make. When we learn to make the right choices, we learn to live a transformed, happy and fulfilled life despite all turbulence and problems that are going around us. It is said that “when we are beautiful, it is God’s gift to us. When we live our life beautiful, it is our gift to God.” 

Being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but, being a gentleman is matter of choice. We must learn to make choices which are within our control, as our gift to God, and thus live our lives to the best of our abilities.

Life is a matter of choice, every choice you make makes you. 

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Rehaan Maniyar
Rehaan Maniyar
Hey there! I'm Rehaan Maniyar, an entrepreneur in the making. A very passionate and enthusiastic learner, I love to learn new things!


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