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Yumthang: Valley of Superflowers

Written By Charvi Balyan (Grade 9)

The Yumthang Valley or Sikkim Valley of Flowers sanctuary is a nature sanctuary with a mesmerising waterway, and hot springs which are revered for their therapeutic and healing properties and home to many dense-furred yaks.

It is surrounded by the pristine and mystic Himalayan mountains in the North Sikkim, The mountains in the North Sikkim symbolise freedom and solace and inspire me to stand strong and embrace natural world. Enveloped with clouds and numerous species of flowers with a panoramic view. 

At an altitude of 15,400 ft the valley remains blanketed with white snow most of the time. As the clouds drift in the valley and the scent of flowers awakens the inner child in me.

Yumthang Valley alone is the home to more than 36 species of Rhododendron flower, which particularly inspire me.

Known as the super flowers of the Himalayas, the Rhododendrons inspire me to immerse myself in nature, to advocate for myself, and to lead an exceptional life. They not only represent visual beauty but also a spirit of helpfulness. During the summer season, a Rhododendron festival is celebrated in the Barsey and Singbha Rhododendron sanctuaries, these festivals have benefited local communities and serve as a source of revenue for the local government. 

Rhododendrons have numerous values, like offering nectar, pollen, flowers, and leaves to bumblebees, flies, birds, and other animals as a source of food, While also holding cultural and economic value.                                                             

Despite harsh environmental conditions and the resource constraint of high altitudes, Rhododendrons invest significant energy into their flowering season. In conclusion, the reason why I choose Yumthang Valley and its super flower – The Rhododendrons- is for their ability to evoke the feelings of freedom, solace, and peace and these flowers inspire me to thrive in harsh conditions while embodying kindness and helpfulness, overall they represent beauty in both outer appearance and inner character.

Featured Image Courtesy – Wikipedia


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