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A Quick Recipe for Tiramisu

Written By Agastya Kumar (Grade 3)

Tiramisu! The very name that makes all our mouths water. Friends, I am penning here a quick and short recipe for children of our age to be able to make this wonderful dessert ourselves in our kitchens. 

To start we first bake a cake, flavour can be vanilla, sponge or fudge cake (or can also buy this from a shop).  We then mix cream cheese with cream and powdered sugar in a bowl. This bowl should then be kept in the freezer for the mixture to set. We then need to take small glasses and a cookie cutter. With the cookie cutter we cut small pieces of the cake and then dip them in liquid coffee (coffee mixed with warm water). 

Then we take each dipped piece and place them in our glasses. After this we take out the mixture that we had put in the freezer and put a layer of it above each cake slice. These steps should be repeated to get as many layers as you want.

Finally, on top of the last layer we sprinkle chocolate shavings and coffee powder. Then, we keep the glasses in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 hours. Our Tiramisu is now ready to be enjoyed by all!

Featured Image Courtesy – Vincenzo’s Plaza

Agastya Kumar
Agastya Kumar
Agastya is a student of grade 3, and lives in Bangalore. He is an avid chess player, and enjoys cooking, regularly experimenting with new and different cuisines in the kitchen. As for his future plans, he has none at the moment! He is however clear that he will only do what he likes, and would like to be the best in the profession of his choice!


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