Sunday, July 21, 2024

Amazon – The Great Saviour

Written By Rishith Saraf

The pandemic has prevented us from going out of our homes for a very long time but we still purchased different goods, toys, clothes, food and many more products. But have you wondered how?

The answer is obvious that we had ordered, bought, received, all desired products such as laptops, mobiles, macs online. But which app or brand have we used? Flipkart? maybe, but Amazon? Yes! We all have used the app by different names for different desires such as watching television, listening to songs and most for ordering desired products, ordering essential food items and many more exciting products.

Amazon is an app that has many more apps in it such as Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Pantry. Each app has its own use. Each app has a different function to perform. Each app helps us in a different way. 

Prime Video and Amazon helps us relax as they are for entertainment purposes. On Prime Video we can watch unlimited prime original series and movies. We can hear listen to music on Amazon Music. 

We can order groceries online using Amazon Pantry. We can get vegetables, fruits, pulses etc. without stepping out of our homes. We can get fruits and vegetables which grow in other countries as well. We can also order fruits that may not be available in your city or locality at a discounted price. 

Amazon Prime has many Amazon original series and Amazon Prime original movies along with other movies. It has many movies of Marvel, DC, Jurassic Series and many more. We can watch series and movies according to our moods, whether we are sad, happy, dreamy, or in the mood for some action movie. Amazon also has Prime delivery for Prime members that is it delivers our order in two days.

Amazon is an app with which we can’t do without. We need it to order groceries, clothes, electronics, utensils and many more desired products.

Featured Image Courtesy – Mint


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