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An Invention that Changed the World

Written By Vaishnovi Bhat (Grade 11)

There are many great inventions which changed the world and made our life easy. Inventions like stone tools invented in the stone age to technologies which are invented lately that are great inventions. They have many advantages and disadvantages. From my perspective, I think Math and Science are really great inventions that really changed the world.

Mathematics and Science is the main source for all the invention which we are using right now. Maths was first found in Greek and Science was found in ancient Egypt in the 6th century. There are many scientists and mathematicians invented many things related to those two subjects, for example, the number zero, formulas, elements, graph, gases, the microscope etc. These inventions lead to the greatest inventions like cars, mobile, television, robots and many more. India’s first mathematician, Aryabhatta invented the number zero which led to many changes in the world. The first mathematician of the world is Thales and the first scientist of the world is Aristotle. Inventions like the telescope from Galileo, the compass by William Thomson, the microscope by Hans and Zacharias Janssen and the bulb by Thomas Alva Edison are some of the famous inventions which led to great changes in the world.

In conclusion, so many great inventions’ base is Maths and Science. Without Maths and Science, we cannot make most of the inventions. Maths and Science are related to each other so without either of them there won’t be any inventions.

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Vaishnovi Bhat
Vaishnovi Bhat
My name is Vaishnovi. My hobby is drawing, singing, dancing and listening to music. I love animals and nature.


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