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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Written By Jigar Chavda (Grade 12)

Human is the only creature in this entire world, to whom the God has given intelligence as well as the ability to use it properly. Where has man reached today with his intelligence and skill? At one time when he was a primitive man, he was searching for the sustenance of life on earth. And today when he has gone so far that he is planning to live his life on another planet. On the strength of his intelligence, he has made today’s era state-of-the-art. Technology has led to many inventions, modifications and developments. From wheel to vehicle, from telephone to TV. Till now, from lantern to light, from pen to computer etc, many inventions have been made. Due to which our life has become easy to a great extent. So today we will get acquainted with a modification/invention of the most important and most used technology. And that means – “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING”. Today I will help you understand more deeply on this subject so that you can easily know about it, understand and tell its importance to others and why it has changed the whole world.

In technology, human has developed so much that he is now discussing making a moving machine/robot to think like him. Who has the ability to do the work like a human. The machine/robot made from this modern technology is called ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. About which many people are still unknown.

And if we talk about “MACHINE LEARNING” i.e. ‘Study of machine’, then it is a part of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. In computer science, “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” is also known as ‘AI’ and “MACHINE LEARNING” is also known as ‘ML’.

So today I will tell you in this article about ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – ‘AI’ and ‘MACHINE LEARNING’ – ‘ML’ by creating a department. So that everyone can understand how important these are! And how its changed the world!

1] What is ‘AI’ and ‘ML’?

  • ➢  First of all, let us know about ‘AI’. AI is a technology that employs/enables a machine to imitate human behaviour and manipulate it. ‘AI’ means ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Artificial means ‘man-made’ and Intelligence means ‘power to think.
  • ➢  ‘AI’ is a branch/system of computer science, which is developing such a machine/device that can think and work like humans. When a man builds a machine/robot, which can work in the same way, then it is called ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. That is, when we manage some kind of program in a machine so that it can think like us and work like us, it is called ‘AI’.
  • ➢  Now let us know about ‘ML’. ‘ML’ means ‘MACHINE LEARNING’ – Learning of machine. A part/subset of ‘AI’ which allows machines to learn automatically. That is, it provides the system with the ability to learn or develop itself from experience or from itself. And the primary importance of this is to allow the computer to learn on its own without humans.

2] How and who started ‘AI’?

When human was trying to recognize the ability of computers, then the human brain forced him to think that can any machine also think like humans? With this thinking, the development of ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’ started. The only intention behind this was to design an AC machine/robot, which is as

intelligent as a human being. Like him, he has the ability to learn – understand and think. In 1995, John McCarthy was the first who used the word ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’. He was an American computer scientist who told about it in 1956 in a meeting. That is why he is called ‘FATHER OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’.

3] How do ‘AI’ and ‘ML’ work?

  • The thinking power of man i.e. ‘INTELLIGENCE’ increases automatically in him. By touching, hearing or seeing something, we can understand how we should behave with that machine/ object. In the same way, the same kind of ‘INTELLIGENCEDEVICE’ is developed within the computer device. With the help of a computer system/robotic system is prepared. Which works on the same logic and understanding as the human brain works. ‘AI’ and ‘ML’ is not a new subject. There is a discussion on its all over the world. Many films based on this software have also been presented, even after seeing which we can easily know about it. For example, the basis of films like ‘MATRIX’, ‘ROBOT’, ‘TERMINATOR’ etc. is only on ‘AI’. Where the nature of the robot/machine is shown how it thinks, understands and acts like a human.
  • Just as humans make their abilities better by their experience, in the same way, the software of ‘AI’ makes the machine study. In today’s time, most for AI and ML ‘PYTHON’ programming language is used.

4] Where are ‘AI’ and ‘ML’ used?

In today’s era, the popularity of ‘AI’ and ‘ML’ is increasing very much. And at this time it has become a topic that is being discussed more in the field of technology and business. Many scientists believe that ‘AI’ and ‘ML’ are our future. But in reality, this is our present. Because if we look around us, we will know that along with the development of technology, we are not only with ‘AI’ and ‘ML’ but are also using it.

  • ➢  You must have known about the company ‘APPLE’. And the most popular ‘Personal Assistant – Siri’ that came in it is the perfect illustration of ‘AI’.
  • ➢  ‘AI’ and ‘ML’, are also being used in ‘Manufacturing Industries’ – the work which used to take hundreds of people to do, today with the help of work machine the work is getting better in time. Apart from this, ‘AI’ and ‘ML’, are used in ‘chess’ and computer-based games, in air warnings, etc. ‘AI’ Error – Helps us to reduce the mistakes. And the efficiency of the machine increases more. With the help of ‘AI’, improvements can be brought in the areas of communication, security, agriculture etc. Now, we can understand why that changed the world.

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Jigar Chavda
Jigar Chavda
I am a student of arts. I am currently in the 12th standard. I belong to a middle-class family and I want to achieve a lot in future.


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