Thursday, June 1, 2023

Barca – More than a club!

Written By Vardhan Gaur (Grade 5)

Barcelona, known for its amazing food,
And for its gorgeous sites.
But that’s not what I am here to talk about lads,
I am here to talk about Barca!

A club to remember not to forget,
Their team spirit you can’t neglect!
Their passing is just too fast,
It takes time,
For their opponents to remember what happened in the past.  

They shoot with accuracy and have eyes on the back,
They are always in control of the match,
They are so synchronised like a dancer on the stage,
Their tiki-taka style is gloriously vintage!

They respect the opponents,
And never encourage booing. 
But wait lads, there is one exception, 
Real Madrid – their arch-rivals
To them, they surely hate losing! 

If they lose, they face the wrath
And from whom you may ask?
The fans!
The fans are the cheerleaders.
And are none to forget.

They support Barca Like their own family, 
And cheer as loud as a howl when they score!
And the king of football resides in this club, 
And who is he you may ask ?
He is none other than – Messi !!! 

He shoots like Ronaldo, 
And passes like Xavi,
He has skills superior to Maradona,
And he just says it’s all for the club 
Not for me,
Because Barca is a family!

Featured Image Courtesy – FC Barcelona