Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Articles By Vardhan Gaur

Victory – A Feeling To Remember

1 min read

I walk in the stadium
And hear the crowd
I tell them I won’t let them down

Messi/Ronaldo: Mirror Images or Poles Apart

7 min read

Rivalries seem to exist in many sports. Be it an individual or a team. Nadal vs Federer, Sachin Vs Brian, Diablo...

Kobe Bryant/Black Mamba – A Reflection

6 min read

When Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash it came to my mind to inquire into why he was called the Black Mamba...

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Vardhan Gaur

My name is Vardhan Gaur and currently, I am studying in Grade 5. While I am passionate about football and cricket, I also love reading and creating my own Lego. In the recent pandemic, I have been mostly reading, watching Nat Geo and playing indoor football. Maths is another love and I aspire to keep getting better at it! I am excited to be here and I hope you like reading my articles.

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