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Book Review – Tower of Nero Part 2

Written By Agastya Sharma (Grade 7)

Now, here’s the tricky part. Readers, if you haven’t yet read Tower of Nero, I suggest you leave this piece and read the book. Because otherwise, I might get sued for handing out spoilers. I’ve heard of this lawsuit in the UK because someone put a Harry Potter spoiler on a billboard. But I digress.

Apollo and Meg are back in New York for the endgame. All of the Triumvirate’s holdings and power has been consolidated into Nero’s fasces, his symbol of power, which they must break to weaken Nero enough to kill him. With help from Nero’s right – hand Gaul, Luguselwa, they infiltrate the tower to surrender. Why? Because they don’t want New York blown up into a post-apocalyptic playground for skeletons. They are imprisoned and Meg is taken in again by Nero. The youngest of the Imperial Household (another word for Nero’s Special Psychopathic Daycare) is ordered to cut Luguselwa’s hands-off. The right – hand Gaul became a no – hand Gaul. That’s an ouchie. 

They defeat Nero, and Apollo now heads down a treacherous cavern to Delphi to defeat Python, the snake that had originally usurped the Oracle of Delphi. Talk about transatlantic flights. 

His fight with Python lasts a couple of pages and leaves him hanging over the abyss (quite literally).

He rises as a hero, having defeated Python. Apollo will fall, but Apollo must rise again. So he rose. 

This series was Rick Riordan’s most recent, and in my opinion, written beautifully. He has a reputation for sarcasm, wit and humour rolled into one, and he didn’t disappoint. Apollo’s struggles are depicted very well, with all the characters having their vices and flaws. And that’s one of my favourite things about him. In all his series’, no one is perfect. They are all shown having flaws, making their own mistakes, veering from the beaten path. That part added the element of reality in a world woven from fantasy. He is one of the best writers of this time, and this series is nothing but proof of that. 

Well, I got to go

now; Rick is fabulous,

Goodbye, see you soon!

PS. That was a haiku in case you were wondering. 

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