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1816 – The Year Without A Summer

3 min read

The weather’s been killer. o be fair, I live in Delhi NCR. If it’s cold, it’s cold. If it’s hot, you can’t walk your dog without it cursing...

Book Review – The Mortal Instruments Series

2 min read

“I’ve never felt so light,” he said. Sorry, kid. Wrong word. You mean hollow, because that’s what you feel after...t

The Fall of Icarus

1 min read

Even though he knew the clock had struck nigh,

He smiled; there was a certain triumph in falling from the sky...

Book Review – Tower of Nero Part 2

2 min read

Now, here’s the tricky part. Readers, if you haven’t yet read Tower of Nero, I suggest you leave this piece and...

Book Review – Tower of Nero Part 1

4 min read

Uncle Rick’s a troll. Today, we are here for the book review of the most recent book in the Riordanverse, called...

Targets Unknown

8.5 min read

At a party in the jolly state of North Carolina, at the house of the even jollier governor Paul Hopkins, a lot of influential...

Champions League 2020 Finals

Hey everybody. It’s finally the final of the Champions League, and after three days of waiting, it’s here...

Champions League Semi-Finals 2020

Hello everybody, and welcome back to our Champions League coverage. The tournament is reaching...

Champions League Quarter-finals 2020

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the coverage of the Champions League. The quarter-final round is over...

Champions League

The COVID pandemic had stopped all sporting events but now they’re flourishing like never before...

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